You Have A Life Beyond Blogging

There comes a time in every bloggers life when you realize one of 3 things about blogging.

  1. You have no life but that of blogging.
  2. You have a life beyond blogging.
  3. You have no reason to blog anymore.

Over the past few months, things around our part of the blogosphere have cooled down a bit. No longer are there new blogs popping up ever second trying to make a name out for themselves. What’s left are the people who already blog, some of which have died out, some of which have all but faded to obscurity, some who have carved their quiet life around the blogosphere and some who have made a name for themselves.

But things don’t really change do they? For reasons that can only be explained by human nature, there is still that petty rivalry, that cowardly stance of name calling and the character attacks that have nothing to do with that’s been said and everything to do with what you’re willing to do to make them look bad.

It occured to me that as much as I blogged to gain a life to live over the months before. Living life isn’t about that. It isn’t about trying to get as many hits on a blog or know as many “fans” as possible to glorify your own narcissism. No. The reason why we started blogging is because we were out there, we lived life first, whatever we put down on our blogs are just reflections and musings of what we did out there.

These days though, I spend much of my time living life as much as I spend time blogging about it, as much as I spend time snickering over the bloggers who throw insults and attack characters of friends as they hide behind their anonymous names probably sharing beer with the same bunch of bloggers everyday week in and week out. These bloggers don’t have lives as much as they claim to have. No. Living life is about being out there enjoying every moment of it, appreciating all that you have and making the best of it. Not cooped up in some small room with a computer or dainty place with with the same people who just agree with you dissing other people who don’t share your “ideal” blogging world.

Ok fine, I’m not too far away from that myself. I mean, I’m behind the screen a lot and I drink with the same friends when the occassion calls for it, but hey at least I know where I stand in life. It’s pretty modest for this side of the town, but it doesn’t revolve around blogs as it used to. It revolves around being out there.

I have a life beyond blogging. I know you have a life beyond blogging too. It doesn’t matter that the people who constantly hound you behind anonymity don’t. People are always hateful towards what they desire but cannot have. You’re you and no one else can copy that. I don’t know how it got that far and I suspect I will never know why it started in the first place. But what matters is, you have your life and a very good one. Never let lifeless cowards get to you. If they do, well you always got your blog…and me to rant to.

Like your favourite writer said:

Complaining that people are not writing in a disinterested fashion on their personal blogs is like complaining that water is wet; likewise complaining that people champion the efforts of their friends and acquaintances on their personal sites is pretty damn stupid. People write whatever the hell they want on their blogs; most blog readers, I suspect, are smart enough to understand they are reading a personal site and grasp what that entails. The vast majority of my readers do, in any event. The fact you don’t is interesting.

That’s as personal as you can get. Anyone going to disagree with that?

11 thoughts on “You Have A Life Beyond Blogging

  1. I don’t want to have a life that involves going to bars and playing with a Rubiks cube until people buy me drinks 😉 Call me a snob or something..

  2. A very nice and inspiring post Edrei =)

    I was between 2 & 3 (never 1) but’s 3 for the time being.

    To me, blogging = sharing. That’s pretty much how I update my friends abroad ; from personal topics to the current going-ons in our country from my perspective.

  3. Good post :). It raises the question, which comes first, a blog or a life? I always think you need a life before you can blog about it.

  4. ShaolinTiger: It happened once while waiting for a couple of mates to turn up for happy hour. It’s an eccentricity, not a life. Other people just stay in that closed bunch. Not much of a life there.

    Nilesh: Hope you have a reason to live out there. 🙂

    BawangMerah: Don’t we always till we find a balance?

    S-Kay: Thanks. 🙂 As long as we live out there, there is always a better reason to blog.

    Sashi: Liar!! We all know the truth.

    Suanie: Damn straight on that. 🙂

    ChickyBabe: I find that you can do either one first. It’s just that when it comes down to posts you can look back and remember with meaning, having a life first makes all the difference. 🙂

  5. Hey.. this is great post!

    I mean, I also felt things distracting enough to take me away from blog world. But you are right.. its not about hits or visitors in the begining for which you write. Its you. 🙂

  6. I’m #2. Life beyond blogging is overwhelming, a chore at the moment. And instead of blogging as an escape, I’ve been gaming a lot. So you see, studies and GTA Vice City/DotA/Counterstrike are why my blog is stagnant right now, and I wish this is not the case.

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