Calling All Tech Geeks…

Right, as you know I’m going to change from Blogger to something else soon enough. So now at this moment I need the opinion of people who know how to go about it, because I’ve been surfing through the net trying to answer a question that has been on my lips now for a over a week. So will any of you, the more tech inclined blogger solve this riddle.

Which server based blog program should I install?

I’m torn between Movable Type and WordPress at this moment, but I’m guessing there are other types of server based blog programs out there. But that’s beside the point, I need someone to help draw out very clearly what the biggest difference between Movable Type and WordPress is. Because for the love of God…

I can’t see.

First of all, I like to lay down the parameters of me choosing a choice between the two. Maybe that’ll help you guys help me pick out which one would suit me the best.

1. I haven’t the slightest clue on how to use PHP.

2. I haven’t the slightest clue on how to use PERL.

3. I would like something that doesn’t eat bandwidth everytime I post a message.

4. I would like something that’s easy to install and use out of the box.

5. I need something that has a clear guideline on how I can go about installing.

6. I would like it free of charge.

That’s about it so far. I don’t know. I’m almost HTML illiterate and practically CSS blind. The way I made this block is by randomly sticking things together and hoping it works while I fine tweak it over the course of the months. So…you can imagine the horror of me trying to install and rebuild something as big as this.

So that’s about it.

To start my project…I need the input of people who know these things and I know alot of you people do know these things especially with the blogs I go to. So if it isn’t too much of a hassle. Can anyone please lend me a hand with this? Help a fellow blogger move on from a newbie to something a little more tech-dignified.

I would greatly appreciate it.



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