Diary-X Bites The Dust

Ouch. I know people on Diary-X and since the site has officially went down without hope of a backup or picking out all the data, that has got to be one of the worst things to happen to a blog.

Well, my condolences to those that lost all their posts and Lishun…if you want to switch to something a little better, you know I’m here for you on that. Just remember to back up all your files this time. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so.

6 thoughts on “Diary-X Bites The Dust

    wow. i rmbr the last time i had diary-x was 2 years back.
    then again, the bloggers of tht site should at least have a back-up side. hey, blogger.com is not bad too, you know. more user friendly. although getting ur own domain site is 10 times better.

    RIP Diary- X

  2. there’s still chance for them to recover some postings via google cache. just enter “site:diary-x.com” (with the quotes) as the query in google and bob’s your mother’s brother.

  3. Chengsim: Well I was using blogger for 2 years till I discovered WordPress and I never looked back since. 🙂

    Lishun: I found a google cache of your blog. The sad thing is that it’s only one post.

  4. Um… Guys?

    Heard of this nifty little site called “Archive.org”?

    If this site is really as popular as you say, it should be there. ^_^

  5. In response to this tragedy, EFX2 Blogs has released a “diary” template geared toward those who prefer a diary layout over a standard blog-type layout.

    If you’re a disenfranchised writer from Diary X, check it out…

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