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Over the past few days, the paralysing ability the summer heat has given me some free time to myself that I haven’t had in a while. While most of it have been catching up on the games I’ve missed out (or just missed) over the past few years, some part of it has been spent returning to the roots of where this blog came from – online forums.

In the years before I started this blog, a lot of my time was spent traversing community forums on the net. Back in those days before blogging took off, forums were the main source of connecting with people and sharing ideas. In a way, they helped shape the communities and social networks we see now. These were people interacting with one another, gravitating towards one each other, creating niche communities quite like what we see in the blogging world of today.

So during the late 90’s and the early part of 2000, those communities dominated my social life, forming the building blocks of my ability to express and focus my thoughts, feelings and ideas into a constructive whole. They eventually culminated in landing me a couple of jobs right out of high school and in the early college years, one as a freelance games reviewer for national newspaper, the other as a content writer and columnist for an online teen magazine where I wrote about life and love and other parts of the media.

So driven (or addicted) to writing on forums, I was eventually asked the question that would plant the seeds for this blog.

“If you’re going to be so expressive with your words, have you ever thought of starting your own blog?”

And it wasn’t without good timing as well because the magic that I once found within forums was dying off. No longer were the words that once inspired people to do better, working. No longer was common sense and that quality you found within the what people wrote, there. No longer were the people you enjoyed talking, listening, debating with, there anymore. After so many years and so many good times, the best people grew up and grew out of it. So when you begin to spend more time defending what you have to say, than enjoying what it is you write, it’s time to move on out.

Six years later, I still write about what I feel and think, but those words don’t reach out as far as it used to. While there have been some forum hopping in between, none of them managed to capture the spirit of what was found them. It’s far easier to find the sense of quality and inspiration from the blogs you look hard for than in threads of most community forums. It just becomes too much hard work to register, tweak your profile and then start writing, only to find that most people you find in those forums either don’t get what you’re trying to say or just write things that die on you because it’s filled with pure nonsense you outgrew after the age of 10.

Now at least, I know that golden age is over. For the most part, it’s just a nostalgia I’m indulging to pass the time. But maybe, just maybe, some part of me wants to turn that nostalgia into the a second golden age. So for now, I try to do what I can to shape, direct and produce a next generation. Doesn’t mean I won’t be beaten back by the stupidity that drove me out before, but it does mean that for what it’s worth, I still tried.

That’s more that can be said for the people who still live there.

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