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If there is one thing in the world I hate most, it’s the fact that there are people out there that can scare the bejezus out of you when you wake up one day to find that your website has been hacked and everything that you have in it is gone. The really weird thing about all this is that there were two sites I know off this happening within the last 24 hours.

  1. Merdeka Bloggers
  2. Dustyhawk

It really sucks when something like that happens, it’s worse when people so much effort into building something and have it wiped clean the next day. You know what makes it worse…the fact that this was a Malaysian Merdeka Blog…and the fact it was wipped clean of everything with no backed up database. Patriots would have their thing to say about this…and frankly I have many many things in my head to say about this.

It’s just that no human word can describe it.

At least the good thing is that in Dustyhawk’s case, it was a grey hat hack…which means what everything was returned in good time. Still…even though it’s his blog that got hacked. I still feel for it. Why? Because I just FUCKING TWEAKED HIS SITE!! That was my hard work in it too and to see it gone like that…christ…I can just imagine the fit he’d have been in when he saw what happened in the morning.

Still…this is an important lesson to us all. A serious lesson to us all, more so when you are the one in complete control of your own website. No it wasn’t a WordPress problem, I would know because there aren’t any exploits to be exploited. One was due to a insanely SHORT password. The other one was due to a DNS security breech. If there is anything to be learnt from this is that passwords are the weakest link between you and you system…and I have said it before, for purpose of getting it into your skulls, I shall repeat it again.

Edrei’s Simple Hack Prevention Technique:

  1. Have a longer harder password with numbers and stuff
  2. See 1
  3. See 1 again
  4. See 1 until you actually do change your password to a longer harder one with numbers and stuff

Just remember, on the net, hacking isn’t just a crime, it’s a survival trait. Be smart, stay smart. Protect yourself at all cost. You won’t lose anything to be paranoid. Don’t let yourself be the victim of stupidity.

7 thoughts on “Hacked Blogs

  1. Longer passwords rule, especially if they are laced with numbers and symbols.

    I know some people out there groan and moan at the fact that they have problems memorizing it but it’s not that difficult once you get the hang of it.

    Next thing is this: change your bloody password every six months, don’t use one password for EVERYTHING and don’t give your password to ANYONE, not even Edrei unless it’s something harmless or for site tweaking (even then I change my password often enough). :p

    I learnt that the hard way two years ago. T_T Now I have at least six to seven TOTALLY different passwords and I’m up for a change in a month’s time.

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