How To Design Your Blog By Driving A Car

How many times must I have to say it?

I absolutely hate Internet Explorer.

I remember a time when I used to just wing all the codes together when I first started to write my blogs. Things like Firefox, Opera or any other Web standard browsers never mattered, what mattered was that if I could see it in Internet Explorer then my job was done.

Of course as I said…now thats all in the past.

Ever since I have been tweaking and designing various layouts in WordPress. The greatest major headache in all this has been making sure that the layouts work perfectly in Internet Explorer. After all, it is supposed to be the LAST current web browser on earth that still does not follow web standards…and from the looks of the new Internet Explorer 7.

It will still be the ONLY web browser that doesn’t follow web standards.

But you got to ask. Why standards anyway? Why do you have to bother with silly things like HTML/XHTML or CSS validation? Why you should you have to follow a system even though the code that use use it looks perfectly fine on the browser you’re looking it through anyway?

The answer is simple.

Thing about it this way. Every car you buy has certain features. 4 wheels, seatbelts, an engine, a steering wheel and all the stuff we actually need for the car to be on the road. Sure, without some of it, you can still drive. Then again…it’s not like you can drive on all sort of conditions and all sorts of places to begin with.

That’s what web standards is about.

With it, every browser on the planet can actually read the page properly the way its supposed to be. It doesn’t matter that the browser you’re using has a different style. All browsers would still render the page the way you meant for it to be. All broswers.

Except Internet Explorer.

So you got to ask yourself right now, knowing that more and more people are already using things like Firefox and Opera, don’t you think it’s much better for you to at least try and figure out how to design your page using proper web standards. I mean, its not like the page is completely unviewable in IE. You still can view it….

You just need a little more tweaking to get it to work right.

That’s the only trade off I can figure. A little more tweaking. Sometimes you don’t even have to spend a lot of time tweaking, if you already know what the problems are, you can just add the extra codes to make it right on the spot without even thinking because it’ll still be the same anyway.

How could you possibly lose out on it? There is nothing wrong in learning a few extra codes to begin with. Most people think its too daunting because there is just so may codes to begin with. Well, here is my little secret. It took me 3 weeks from being XHTML and CSS illiterate to someone who can tweak your layout for you.

It actually is that easy.

Half the time I still have to look up the codes anyway, half the time I still have to go online and look up the experts when it comes to debugging a layout because…come on, unless you’re in the business, I couldn’t be stuffed to memorise all the codes in the first place. I just work on what comes along and be done with that. Whatever I know and learn, I just keep that for the nest time round.

No fuss and no mess..

So the next time you want to redesign your blog. Think about it, do you really want to alienate all those viewers out there because your blog can only look good in one browser? Do you really want to do that?

Seriously take time off to make the codes work right…or you can just find me and we’ll see where we can go from there.

Sometimes it can mean more than just codes.

Sometimes it can define your entire blog itself.

Sometimes it can even define you.

4 thoughts on “How To Design Your Blog By Driving A Car

  1. aargh. think i told you before that i cannot stand learning code. i’m still living in the 90s, with my “manual” camera and bon jovi ballads and html. haha. yeah, my blog looks crap on firefox. but am too darn lazy and irritated to tweak it like you lovingly tweak your blog. gah. gaaaaaaah.

  2. That’s why I learn slowly. I mean I can’t stand it…so I ask people I read references how to do it.

    There is a saying among web design.

    “Good designs are made. Great designs are stolen”

    Which means see, copy, breakdown, rebuild.

    It’s just all that.

  3. i have discoverd recently that my blog suffers due to ie’s arrogance. i could sure use a tip or two about how to make my pages standard on all browsers.

  4. I love your way to drive a car 🙂
    maybe in the future, we only need one browser–no need to check on some browsers, no matter what it is, as long as they’re web-standard compliance

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