How To Edit You Ping Titles On PPS (Update)

In my previous post here, I wrote about how you can edit your ping titles in Project Petaling Street if ever you came up with a spelling error in your titles after you pinged your post.

Now you can’t do that anymore.

Apparently, what I discovered was a pretty serious bug and exploit in the system where user might not only use this to edit their ping titles, but the ping titles of other people…which comes to think of it…it makes perfect sense because you can ping ANY blog and not specifically to your own.

That’s why I took down my previous post after a few days on Aizuddin’s request so that he could fix that along with other things that needed maintainence. But now everything should be fine and dandy…at least till I find some other security bug (don’t worry Aizuddin, you’ll be the first to know this time).

So what happens now is that ANY changes to the post title would work the same way as a different permalink URL. It simply posts another ping on PPS with the same permalink URL but a different title. Now, I have some misgivings about this, but I suppose that IS better than someone else changing your ping titles for absolutely no reason (which I should have done with those many Kahsoon/Ka-soon pings).

Ahh…it’s always good to be a grey hat.

4 thoughts on “How To Edit You Ping Titles On PPS (Update)

  1. Thanks for the coop, dude. Much appreciated.

    I had a lot of special help from a great fellow, Paul Tan (we’re still working on some enhancements together). Both of us has a sleepless Friday and Saturday night, in front of our computers, trading emails and getting things fixed.

    Some of the additional work done:

    1. Tighter control on spam and users who would want to abuse PPS
    2. Some cleaning up and enhancement of the database — PPS should rebuild much faster now.
    3. Fixing the bug Edrei discovered (well done!).

    A few other bits and pieces here and there as well.

  2. Aha! So Aiz was doing something! Quietly, quietly without letting on. No wonder he said “issue closed”.

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