How To Edit Your Ping Titles On PPS

I’m a perfectionist. Anyone who has waitied for me to finish tweaking my blog would know this too well. Also anyone who has ever waited for me to finish tweaking my blog would go, “You can actually finish tweaking your blog?“, but that’s beside the point really. The point however is this.

The problem:

You ping Project Petaling Street with a title you copied and pasted or you (like myself) autoping it using features on your do-it-yourself server installed blogs like WordPress or Movable Type. Then you realise you have errors in your titles such as misspelling pennies with penis for instance or the all too common “孤单北半球” titles. Rather than have that up there, there is a solution.

The Solution:

Now, you COULD ping PPS again but that would have you delete the old post and put up a new one and that be troublesome. What I found out quite by accident is that because PPS only allows single pings to be made according to the post permalink URL, what it does is that for every duplicate pings with the same permalink, it just overrides whatever information is on the previous ping. It doesn’t change the time of the ping…that one stays the same to prevent “ping abuse” but if you maunally ping your same post again with the same permalink URL…and a different title. It will change whatever title is currently showing on the PPS main.

The Side Notes:

Now take note that this of course would technically work on mistyped blog names but not with permalink URL errors. If you re-ping the post with a new permalink, it’ll just add it to the main page as a latest ping. Also as far as I know, this method has only worked out for me. I don’t know if anyone else has done the same thing or whether or not this technique works for other people. If it works for you, can you tell me about it?

But in short, that’s the gist of it.

No embarressing errors and no weird characters.

No problems at all YP.

(Update: This technique no longer works. For details see this post)

4 thoughts on “How To Edit Your Ping Titles On PPS

  1. cool. thanks for sharing. if i ever need to try it, i will let you know whether it works for me or not. thanks again. cheers 🙂

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