If You Can Read This…

I’ve been having some problems with my webhost lately. Apparently the site can’t be seen by about half of you guys so it diverts you to another advertisment site. I appologise for that, according to the people in my webhost, this is what they said:

“We are an hosting service intended for viewing by people in the United States. People from other places may sometimes have difficulty viewing your site. If you want, you can designate one area that should always be able to see your site.”

How ironic, I usually fix problems when it comes to something like this but face a simple webhost problem like this and I’m at the mercy of the Powers-That-Be (the people who run the servers, not the OTHER Powers-That-Be).

Alright…so since I set it already to people in Malaysia since the bulk of readers would be you guys, HOPEFULLY some of you don’t have any problems trying to view my blog. I would hate to lose some of you guys because you can’t load from my webhost. Worse come worse I’ll look for a new webhost.

If any of you read this and it’s worth your time, can anyone recommend me a good place for me to host my site like this one with no popup ads and nasty bandwidth problems? Better yet…can anyone please spare me a place for me to host my site…umm…out of goodwill and friendship for the blogging community?

So…to anyone out there…could you read all that?

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