I’m Thinking Of A Malaysian Blog Survey

In one of my comments yesterday, Aaron just gave me this very very interesting idea. Why don’t we have a Malaysian Blog Survey? I mean one created by a Malaysian blogger for Malaysian Bloggers. It’ll be interesting to know what exactly do we consist of. It’ll be interesting enough to see how many people would participate.

Though I have 2 problems with this. One would be constructing the survey itself to put online. Second would be to compile all the data and see what comes out of it. Both are technical details which I have absolutely no clue nor the time right now to work on.

Ironically, the only survey plugin for WordPress is one that I would have to pay and forking out money isn’t exactly what I had in mind when I signed on the WordPress train. So in cases like this, I would have to improvise unless someone has got a better idea on how they can help me construct an online survey.

Any ideas people?

Update: I finally found out what I could use for the survey. It’ll probably take me a while to set it up because I still have to work through the documentation but it should be up by the end of the week at most.

16 thoughts on “I’m Thinking Of A Malaysian Blog Survey

  1. wat kinda survey u think of? hmm.. how bout those free polls thing? When it comes to too much statistics, normally those programs cosst money.

  2. Yah, do a complete and proper survey. Mebbe you can ask Aiznuddin to make a sticky on the Ping Board for about 1 week? The results will be intresking to get a feel of what PPS bloggers think 🙂

  3. yeah.. true.. but find someone to sponsor a prize too.. lucky draw or something.. at least it’ll give me a reason to join it. the reality is that the majority of people won’t touch a survey if no incentives are involved.

    btw, if you do go on with the survey, state clearly how the information is going to be used and in whose hands will the information will be in, that’s unless you want an anoynomous survey.

  4. i think there’s a site where you can create free surveys. um. will ask around. as for what to ask in the survey…i have no idea.

  5. Ethan: Well, I’m just counting on people’s curiosity and interest to find out what really goes on in the blogosphere. I’ll probably toss in a couple of other reasons too…that is if I can create that survey in the first place.

    Reallybites: It’s only comes with the Semiologic Theme Pack. $295 USD.

  6. I think so. I think I know what the problem is, but I won’t know till I’m really sure. There might be one more “accidental” multiping if my suspicions are wrong in which case, I know the plugin has a big problem which was masked before by another plugin I recently removed.

  7. I do not think this is really a good idea.
    it might lead to a trend or “blogging rules” or something.
    I think blogging should be natural and spontanious.

  8. Did you get the idea from me? Good! I do want to know the shape and size of the Malaysian blogosphere (which isn’t spherical).

    Note, marketers also would very much like to know this information… I realize that the results of your survey may be worth money. Bloggers are mostly young, middle class and tech savvy — a very profitable demographic.

    I’d love to discuss the survey design with you sometime.

  9. Actually as it never occured to be until Aaron mentioned it. I’ve got all the systems set up and ready to go. Talk to me ASAP to get all the questions up, I’m sure they sound much better than what I thought up of.

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