It’s About Time

I realized that I have enough R-rated pictures on Sarah to start shucking them into a online gallery of my own. 24 hours and some database and ftp cleanup later, I managed to install and upload a couple of pictures onto my own photo gallery. Not bad for a guy who until today still doesn’t own his own camera yet.

Now all I have to do is figure out a way to really make use of this new gallery on my own blog. That’s why God created people, who in turn created the GPL, who later on lead to the development of WordPress and Gallery2 and with that created the many plugins that would intergrate Gallery2 into my own WordPress.

The only problem now is trying to figure out which one works best for me…and also which one actually works after me. It’s not like I can code as well as I can pull a rabbit out of a hat. That would be just mind boggling. So as it is, I have the rest of my day cut out for me. At least that should distract me from this freezing cold…at least until Mel gets home. Then it would get a whole lot warmer in here, but that’s just me.

If you feel up to it, you could try visiting my photogallery, not that I have much to offer for the time being but at least there are some things there that might interest you…or blind you. But who knows…you might like that kind of thing.

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