Give Me Version 2.0

Woohoo, Ladies and Gentlemen…as the more perceptive of you may have noticed. I have added a new page layout. Thanks to all your input. My details will NOT be on this main page, but rather on a seperate page altogether. It took me 4 days but I’m damn proud of it. Why proud? Well because I have absolutelly no background in HTML and CSS. That’s right, I’m HTML illiterate….but I created this. Against all odds, that’s why I’m damn proud of it. Sure…some of the well versed Web designers out there can do better. But at least you know HTML, I know squat. That’s why I proclaim my pride.

You can take away my house, you can take away my keyboard, you can even take away my site. But you can never take away my ingenuity…NEVER!! BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Hmmm, I’ve got to stop taking in so much chocolate at night.

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