Layout Version 6.2

Well there we have it, even though all my photoshop templates were wiped out in that horrible disaster. I managed to recreate some new photoshop theme templates based on my current theme…the good thing is…I managed to solve the problem that has always dogged me every single time I design the template. I just have one question out from all this.

Why didn’t anyone tell me what a slice tool did?

Anyway thanks to Geeksmakemehot for giving a better colour scheme I can work on rather than my poor choice of colour selection…I can now present to you Layout Version 6.2 which is a heavily modified version of Beccary’s Ocadia theme. Incidentally this new version begs another question.

I wonder if people will mistake my blog for a girl’s blog again?

8 thoughts on “Layout Version 6.2

  1. ok. call me insensitive…but the major change is…the…lighter shade of blue. right? *braces self for backlash*

  2. Hey Edrei, what happened to the more pleasant blue? 🙁 Oh well..

    Anyway, I think maybe the title of the blog relates to a girl’s sensitivity in a way. I don’t know, it’s just me. 😛

  3. Ummm…thats IS the pleasent blue I showed you this afternoon. You mean it looks differet now? Cause I didn’t change a thing after I showed you.

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