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As some of the more perceptive of you probably noticed, this is the second major update to my blog. I’ve finally got the comments up. Got my webhost working with FTP operational. So expect alot more updates over the coming days…if I’m not too busy with my University Projects.

I know it’s a bit soon so far to start thanking people but I’m in a good mood. Special thanks to my girlfriend and my sweetie, Milee who was so extremely patient with me while I was busy figuring out HOW to edit my page dispite me being an ass. Thanks also to Chooki and Silverhawk for giving technical advice on how to get my page running and how to improve it. This is the stepping stone to an upcoming project that I’m assigned to in college. So all help is appreciated, thanks yet again.

Man do I need chocolate now, but I’ll have to make do with lunch at the moment. So thanks for the support and input people. You’ll make this great.

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