Layout Version 3.0…

Finally…ahead of schedule. Folks this is Footsteps in the Mirror Version 3.0. After so long and so much of a headache and tweaking. I think I might have got all the bugs worked out on this one. It works well when you set your IE to minimum amount of toolbars. Then you could probably see the entire page without the scroll bar…unless the code worked and you can’t see the scrollbar in the first place. Then you might need some manual scrolling I think.

Other than that it’s pretty much 1024 by 768 compatible (sorry 800 by 600 users). I know I know it isn’t Opera and Mozilla Compatible either. But I promise the subsequent versions if I get around to it should follow the W3 Standard. But if there are any bugs that exist in the IE format, toss a line. Heck a recommendation or two won’t hurt.

At least one thing’s for sure…the moment I changed the layout, alot of you people said it’s less…depressing and morbid. Was the old layout that bad? I didn’t think it was depressing or morbid. It was just…I don’t know…simple? Gee…it reminds me of that time when one of my high school mates purposely avoided any philosophical discussions with me because it was too depressing. Gee…I didn’t know whether to feel insulted at that time or not. But then again she also used my specs as a mirror she could adjust her tudung…that one I definitely feel mildly insulted.

Hmmm…I’m digressing…so anyway…yeah blue…its…blue-ish? I got inspired by…the sky? The Ocean? I don’t know why I even choose blue as my colour of choice…it should be something bleak and neutral. Brown….yeah. That’s a colour. Okaaay…colour scheme aside, I think I got the right mix on this one too. No doubt there will be critics out there. But hey…if they can improve my sense of colour mix and match, that should be a good thing. Other than that I don’t know what else to do. It’s the best I could do in such a short space of time.

Anyway…some of the other pages aren’t really up yet. I’m still adding the other parts as I go along so they are some empty spaces lying around for no good reason. It should be settled over the week.

Anyway…hope you folks like the new layout. Thanks to the many people out there that helped me put this together, especially with that neat scrollbar hiding command (thanks Dusty). Smile Smile…it’s another great day…:)

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