Live Free Or Get A New Webhost

Finally, after 2 days worth of transferring and working out the problems of transferring, while it might not look it, but Footsteps in the Mirror is now hosted on a brand new Dreamhost server for well…way less money than you would expect. I’ve got to say, it’s really sad to see the webhost I used to be in close down. It’s not just that I had on the dot support that never failed me, but the most important thing was that for full control of a webhost that I could customize whenever I wanted, it was one that was free.

Yup, one of the perks of being a someone who blogs with a certain sense of uniqueness (not to mention someone who’s also a 9ruler) is that one way or another, blogging kinda pays for itself. It’s not that you have to care about the money you’ll get. It’s about caring about what you write in the end. I may not have personal stories that will make you laugh or cry, but given that there is always a reason for you and me to come back day after day, I must be doing something right.

Given that things haven’t really changed. My being on a new webhost out of the goodwill of people that appreciate me for who I am does still prove my point that it’s always been about the writing. While I don’t have a fully customizable server to my liking, Dreamhost oversells enough that it doesn’t matter to me anyway. I still have full access and full control of whatever I can do. Best of all though, it’s an offer that no one can really turn down, not for me, not for anyone that appreciates the value of a buck. With an alternative this good, how could I not keep doing what I’ve always been doing?

Live free, write good and pay what matters with itself.

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