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Given the state of nonsensical thoughts in my head right now that have everything to do with designing my new WordPress Theme and nothing to do with anything else, I thought I might take it easy at blogging for a while. So as luck would have it, I’ve been tagged for a meme by Dee.

Edrei’s Meme Of The 5 Best and Worst Foods Fed In His Life

  1. Durian – I have no idea how this became known as the king of fruits though I suspect that it’s because it overpowered all other fruits with its repulsiveness and no other fruit bothered to contest it as the king of fruits after that. Which brings me to my belief that the durian has only one sole purpose on this planet and it’s not as food…but as a biological weapon. Hard enough with spikes to kill anyone this drops on and strong enough to be used as a potent tear gas. One try was enough for me to vomit, that’s enough said.
  2. Tempoyak – If you thought the durian was bad, this is far worse. Technically this is the more refined version of that potent tear gas. Made from fermented durians, rest assured you’d stay far far away from this the moment you even hear its name. It best comes with a warning “Do not come within 100 meters unless you’re wearing a Biohazard Level 5 Containment Suit“. Trust me, I’ve learnt from that mistake.
  3. Porridge – I have no love for this. I mean the way I was served this was more akin to rice and water. The worse part is that I had to eat this everytime I was sick, which gave me the ability to hide the fact I was sick from my parents or deny the fact I was sick in order to avoid the second food in my life that made me vomit because it was so damn disgusting. Not that it made a difference anyway, it looked like I was eating vomit.
  4. Brinjal – I always never ate because come on, who’d eat a strange vegetable that looked purple? Then again the moment I had to eat this stir fried with sambal, needless to say it still remains till this day as one of the foods I will always eat if ever found on a table.
  5. Wasabi – I actually ate this on a dare and I didn’t know what it was supposed to be for until after I ate it. As always, the first times taking Wasabi would definitely rewrite the experience of what spicy is because it’s on a class of its own going straight to your head and out your nose. Of course after I got off the ground after falling off the chair, I now look foward to it in dares and all the japanese food that I can get my hands on which actually needs wasabi on it, though sometimes I just eat wasabi with any food anyway. I can tell you that it’s great when you got a cold anyway. Just the sort of thing to eat to avoid porridge.

Too bad I can’t write more because I know there are plenty of other food experiences that I have seeing that I’m one of those people who’d try any food at least once in his life just to see how it is. Another time and another post I guess.

That being said, I know I’m supposed to write down the 5 people who got tagged last and the 5 people who I will tag right now to do it…but I’m not going to. All I’m going to say is what I have always said with memes, if you want to do it…go ahead. It’s all yours. Just make sure you put durians as the worst food that has ever been forced on you. Its evil atrocity as a biological weapon must be controled. I kid you not.

3 thoughts on “Food Meme For Thought

  1. durians rock. you are SO misled, my dear friend. come…let me usher you back onto the path of durian worship…

  2. i dun really eat durian anymore, but won’t mind it if given…

    the one that i hate most – bittergourd.

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