I Meme, You Meme, We All Meme

Since I got tagged by Sashi, I’d thought I’d give this little meme a whirl for the first time since I started blogging…a very long time ago.

20 Years Ago (1985):

My memories of this time in my life are pretty shady at best, but pparently I was a curious little drooling kid who went everywhere in his grandparents house in Labuan and loved to eat and play with water. I remember this girl who came over regularly friend named Jacklyn whom I used to play with all the time.

I remember always looking at pictures of old comics and that I was one spoilt little kid by my grandparents and the rest of my relatives. In all that I never did remember my parents there at the time.

10 Years Ago (1995):
It was the year I took my UPSR examinations. It was also the year I got admitted to the hospital for Dengue. Being in the hospitals aren’t exactly a walk in the park especially when you’re put into a bed that turns out to be smaller than you which come to think of it was a bed meant for children under 6. I resolved never to see a doctor again even when I’m sick.

As for my UPSR results. They came in pairs. Paren’t weren’t pleased one bit.

5 Years Ago (2000):
Graduated from high school with mixed results. Parents still weren’t pleased one bit. Took A-Levels though in Tungku Abdul Rahman College. Felt good to be back in an environment that I loved. Also felt good knowing the fact it’s just 5 minutes away from my house.

Broke up after a 3 year relationship. Hardest choice I had to make.

Started seriously having an online life after discovering the Xfresh forums because thats where I really started my online writing.

3 Years Ago (2002):
Got A-Levels results. Parents weren’t pleased again. Started my course in Medical Biotechnology. Started blogging. Started developing a relationship with a person what would forever change my life.

Last Year (2004):
Had relationship with life-changing person. Had to make a choice between what I needed to do and what i wanted in life. Made the wrong choice. Left for Australia. Life-changing person left. Had the second suicidal depression in my life.

This Year (2005):
Still reeling from the breakup. Completing my degree in Biotechnology. Opening myself up to new possibilities. Made new friends. Grew long hair. Started drinking like there was no tomorrow. Discovered I can’t really get wasted even with hard liquor.

Next Year (2006):
Will do my honours in Medical Biotechnology. Will get Australian PR. Will establish myself as the major advocate in WordPress blogs in Malaysia. Will eventually get around to getting a driving license. Will discover that my cholesterol level has gone through the roof and I need medication.

10 Years From Now (2015):
Finally passed my driver’s license. Won the Nobel prize for my work in curing cancer. Will continue my work on genetically enhancing the human race and clinical immortality. Would still continue blogging and would be using and alpha-beta-testing the next generation of WordPress versions while helping people install it.

I would have begun my megalomaniacal plan to change the world and the human race. All the critical networks that I have built over the years would be called to help and in the midst of a global socio-economical chaos, I will have started a legacy that will echo for generations to come…

And that’s that. The past, present and future. Since I’m supposed to tag people, I would have to say I would tag anyone who actually bothers to read this and find it interesting enough to continue this for years to come…at least until 15 years later when I come up with something else in mind.

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  1. this is actually quite a cool meme! and don’t forget…if you need any doctors in your plan to take over the world, call me ya? hehe.

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