Something To Do With Ten

I picked this up from ChickyBabe, and since I need to clear my mind from stubborn people who otherwise like to spend too much time believing that they are right than to do what is important. I figure this is a good enough distraction.

The Top Ten Weird Things About Edrei Meme:

  1. I have a tendency to arrange dishes into neat symmetrical piles after I finish eating, even in restaurants.
  2. I always have a tune in my head which I always sing to, especially when I don’t have any music on.
  3. I can sleep standing up.
  4. I’ve got a sensitive nose. I always can pick up lingering scents from quite a distance.
  5. I collect 50 cent coins that were only minted in 1983.
  6. I wear a pink rose quartz bracelet out of habit.
  7. I am a pyromaniac. I like to watch things burn. I like to watch everything burn.
  8. Even though I’m afraid of the dark, I can see very well in it.
  9. My dreams are like TV. I get B-grade movies, old reruns and mini-series.
  10. I constantly day dream even without realizing it. When that happens, I can still do what I was doing. Just that I’m probably busy ruling the world or something.

You know, this kinda reminds me that I should rewrite the 100 things about me bit. Not that it’s really important, it’s just that there are some things I would really like to get off my chest. That’s as good enough reason as any to start it.

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