The Answered Questions That Cas Styled

Rather than letting these custom questions sit in my mailbox for months like Cas did, I’m going to answer them right now to avoid any chances of me loosing momentum on this one.

1. It’s a given that Cas (and Bright Meadow) are the best thing since bread came sliced. But what is the second best thing on the Internet?

I could be completely self-centered and say that would be my own Footsteps in the Mirror and of course, me. But to be fair, the second best thing on the internet, is not any other site but it would have to be Instant Messaging. It doesn’t matter if it’s MSN, Yahoo, AIM or even IRC (or in my case, the all-in-one instant messenger Pidgin). I grew up on it. I made friends on it. As sad and pathetic as it may sound, it is my main cause for social interaction, but it doesn’t disconnect me from the real world. With instant messaging, it has become part of my real world. That’s as good as it can get (maybe even more so than Cas I’m afraid).

2. Going into space, journey to the centre of the Earth, 10,000 leagues under the sea: which is it to be?

This is going to be a no brainer. I’m claustrophobic, which means being cooped up in a small submarine or a pod and sent down in an enclosed environment underground or under the sea is a no no. While it’s the same thing as space being in a space ship, at least space is infinitely wide. Then I can really go where no one has gone before and hopefully crash land on a different time and place where penguins have evolved into super-intelligent beings and human beings are the slaves. Then I can really have a field day.

3. Your biggest crush ever.

While I’m sorely tempted to say that it’s my housemate whom I play the dangerous game with, after a lengthy debate with myself. I’ve decided to tell you a story of how I used to stalk the girl next door back from high school. I had the biggest crush on her (which ended up crushing me instead) and it lasted for quite a while.

She was the first girl I’ve ever had any interest in and because I was that much of a nerd back then, I didn’t know what to do. So I always watched her from the distance, even to the point where I would pretend to tie my shoelaces so that she could walk past me and I could then trail her from behind, admiring her from a distance.

The only time I got to talk to her was when she had a problem or when she was sad and I didn’t want to see her sad. It was in those days that I realized that’s what I do best in life as well. Be there for people that need an ear to listen. Biggest crush ever, yup…she did change my life alright. No doubt about that.

4. What is the one song you can listen to and it be guaranteed to cheer you up?

That would be my theme song. Bon Jovi’s It’s My Life. No matter how sad I am or how low I can get. Whenever I listen to that song, I tell myself that nothing else in life can stop me from what I want to do. Then I get up, brush myself off and start air guitaring until the neighbours see me and I get embarrassed.

5. It’s a well known fact that penguins are trying to take over the world. As a known sympathizer of the penguin cause, is there anything you can tell us about their plans?

One day, they hope to complete the experiment whereby they have successfully created a genetically superior penguin that’s super-intelligent and has rudimentary opposable thumbs. To do that, they need a resident geneticist and penguin sympathizer which just so happens to be yours truly. Eventually in a different time and place, penguins will rule the frigid and chilly world shaped to their liking and image and have human beings their slave in which they can poke fun at. That’s as far as I know. Any more and it wouldn’t be safe for those who know.

That’s about it then. All five questions from Cas answered with truth and gusto.

So the deal is this though. After I answer all the questions. I, in turn ask five more custom questions to whomever wants to do the same thing. So if you want to take part as well, just tell me in the comments and I’ll send you an email with the question in which you can answer as well. At least I don’t think I’ll have as many takers as Cas though, I know most of you don’t comment at all let alone would ask for a meme like this. This time round, that’s a good thing though.

8 thoughts on “The Answered Questions That Cas Styled

  1. Good questions/answers.

    Cas sent me my set as well, I might only get to them in a day or two, there are two questions that I need to mull over.

    I like your crush story. I’ve had crushes like that as well, but my biggest crush is probably one of my best friends, which can make things a little difficult sometimes when she starts complaining that she’s not finding Mr Right. I could never tell her and I’m only admitting it here because she doesn’t even read my blog so never mind someone else’s, let alone the fact she doesn’t even know what a blog is. Crushes are fun and harmless. 🙂

    I’m so glad Cas didn’t ask me that question. 😛

  2. I like the penguins answer 🙂
    Cas ‘needs more time’ to come up with my questions- having seen yours I’m getting a) impatient and b) nervous as to what she could be cooking up for me….

    I think it’d be neat if you quizzed me, but I dunno if I can do two sets under the rules of the game… maybe quizzing someone you only know through their blog would be fun?

  3. Edrei – good answers! Though I have to wonder why the thought of coming back in the future where all of humanity is enslaved to the Penguin Master Race makes you feel excited.

    Jay – don’t breathe too easily. You did say I could change some of the questions if I liked…

    Neko – it’s not an ominous wait! It’s a “It’s now half middnight and I really have to get sleep now” wait. As for the ‘rules’ and two sets of questions, I see no reason why you can’t get two sets. Though that does leave you open to having to ASK more questions…

  4. Jay: Haha, man you shouldn’t have said that with Cas reading. I’ve learnt from that crush that crushes are meant to be admitted and lived with. Girls love the fact that you have a crush on them even if most don’t really admit it. If you’re a nice guy, that’s an added bonus for them and for the most part, you can go about a really good friendship or take it further. Just never keep it inside and let it turn into an obsession.

    Pat: Penguins will rule. 🙂

    Neko: Won’t that mean you’ll have more questions to answer? I don’t know the rules to this either. 🙂

    Cas: Because penguins are cute cuddly wuddly creatures and coming from someone who would help create the perfect race among birds, I would be proud to have them waddling around ordering mankind around. At least it’s far more amusing than seeing people walk by. 😛

  5. Oh no no, it’s not quite like that. We kinda sorta talked about the idea a couple of years ago, but we’re such good friends that we mutually thought it’s be best to not explore any farther, we’re not willing to risk ruining the friendship we’ve established. Just that my part of the crush never fully went away… I just don’t want to bring it up to her again, “water under the bridge” type thing, ya know? But rest assured, nothing is bottled up, nor will it become obsessive. I didn’t relay that very well in my original comment. 🙂

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