The “Nightmare Revisited” Meme

Oh just great, a meme that forces me to remember the worse years of my life. Could they have come up with something a little less…painful? I hear chinese water torture can be quite relaxing given the circumstances, but that’s another story.

So yeah, my school life wasn’t exactly the happiest or the prettiest thing to go through in life. At the end of it, I would describe those years as the “constant struggle for survival and escape”. It would sound like I’m in one of those Prisoner Of War camps during the World War II. It would also explain the recurring dreams where I’m being chased by a creature from that movie Aliens down hallways that look exactly like my school halls. Scary shit how school life can be sometimes.

So rather than me going on and on about my own personal imprisonment in hell for a little more than a decade, here is the School Meme that Syefri sent me.

How many schools did I go to?
In a nutshell, they were:

  1. SRJK (C) Chong Hwa
  2. SMK Taman Melawati

The best of both worlds as it was supposed to be, chinese educated with a public high school experience, it was supposed to mean I have an advantage that no one else could have. It was supposed to be. Then again, how many things in life that were supposed to work actually turned out for the better?

Was I the studious nerd, or the last minute hero?
I was the last minute nerd. I spent my time working on things that had no relevence to what we were studying, then crammed everything in the final weeks before the exams. The odd thing was, it paid off…well…most of the time. There were some things I just didn’t bother cramming for.

Was I the class ‘taiko’ or the teacher’s pet?
I was neither. Come to think of it…I was a group of my own. Literally.

What was the biggest rule I broke in school?
I didn’t sweat much on small petty stuff because, come on…I was a prefect. Excluding the fights here and there, if there were rules to be broken…it would be breaking into the chemistry lab storage. I needed some chemicals for some things that go boom and I needed to see if I could lockpick the door. If my school records were right, no one was any wiser about what happened.

Three subjects I enjoyed.
Paper plane throwing, explosives making, secrets hoarding. Well, they weren’t exactly subjects you could be graded for, but this was supposed to be the ones I actually enjoyed right?

Three teachers that inspired me.
I can’t really name 3 teachers, because all the teachers in my schooling life in one way or another have inspired me to make sure that stupidity in the human race has to be burnt off in a large bonfire due to the overwhelming prejudice and stereotyping which is masked behind hypocrisy to build a better generation.

That being said, I’d like Minishorts, ChickyBabe and Lainie to continue this dreary task. Knowing them, they should have something far more interesting than what I just dribbled out.

But putting that aside, all 11 years of school life did define me as the person I am today. When you put coal through that much pressure, you’re going to come out with a diamond someday. Though I may not be a diamond now, or ever, at least I would probably be someone worth out there after all that squeezing and kneading. I just have one question though. Is Talc a precious stone?

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