The Self-Explanatory Autumn Meme

I’m in a confessional mood today. Actually come to think of it, I’ve been in a confessional mood for a long while now. For some reason, Autumn weather tends to bring that out in a lot of people. Maybe it’s the mood the season or maybe it’s the fact that it’s so damn cold that I’m too lazy to remember anything I was supposed to write in the first place. Either way, I’m following up the meme that Minishorts had. Something right for the occassion I guess.

The Self-Explanatory “I” Meme:

I am Edrei
I just held her tight and told her how much she meant to me.
I said “The only difference between them and you is that with you, there are no limits to how far I would go to make you smile.”
I want power. Absolute and unquestionable power.
I wish I didn’t have so much bad blood in my past to affect my future.
I hate people who don’t stop and ask why before they do something really bad.
I miss talking to her the way we used to before our lives changed to what it is now.
I fear standing on top of that mountain and knowing I’m all alone.
I hear that there are people out there that would stoop to juvenile acts to keep their so-called fame.
I wonder what it would take for me to be better than what I am now?
I regret trying too hard towards the things in my life that I have now lost.
I am just one person in a world built upon many.
I sing to make sure the voices in my head don’t tear me apart.
I cry when I find out the abyss that I try so hard to run away from is right behind me.
I am not strong enough to fight this war all by myself.
I made her laugh. Sometimes…that’s all that really matters.
I write to take a snapshot of my thoughts so that I can look back one day and realize what a waste of time that was.
I confused God and dog on more than one occassion. Which doesn’t really matter because sometimes there isn’t much difference between the two.
I need lots and lots and lots of money.
I should be trying to catch up with my sleep right about now.
I start my days by kissing her good morning under the warm blanket.
I finish my nights by telling myself that today is just another day and tomorrow, life just keeps going on.

While it is customary for me to start naming people to continue this meme, but with me being lazy and all, why don’t you just try it out if you want and if you did, tell me because I’m definitely not lazy enough to go over and read what you wrote. So why not? I need to read something interesting anyway.

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