More Reason To Blog Anywhere Everywhere

The good thing about Performancing is that all the features that I wanted ever since Flock is now available as an extension in Firefox.

The bad thing about Performancing is that since the thing effectively takes up half my screen when I use it, I’ve added a new line to my unattainable Christmas list – a 21 inch LCD monitor.

To even know what the hell Performancing is just click on the damn link and try it out yourself. It just might change the way you blog forever…or just make you want an 21 inch LCD monitor instead.

2 thoughts on “More Reason To Blog Anywhere Everywhere

  1. Go CRTs. A 19″ CRT will already do 1600×1200 at 85 Hertz, for the price of a 17″ LCD even.

    You’ll get RSI moving your mouse from one corner to another, so high-resolution is really overrated. Even if you had two monitors, or 2048×1536 (which very few 21″ LCDs can do), you’d need a while to shift to the idea of not having each window maximized.

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