My Dodgy RSS Feeds

Alright, one more quick update on things. For those of you who subscribe to my RSS feeds, if for some reason you find it broken again, it’s because I’m currently trying out a WordPress Plugin called WordPress Feedburner Plugin and for some reason I suspect that it isn’t compatible with WordPress 2.0 Beta-2, due to the fact that my post publishing has been screwing up ever since I’ve installed it.

Now I haven’t the time to go around and fix it because I’m flying off really soon and I’m not on my laptop. But I’m guessing I’ll be fiddling around with it within the next 24-48 hours. So if you find that the feed is broken again, please relink to my RSS.

Remember. In the blogging world, RSS is fun. Just make sure it works most of the time.

2 thoughts on “My Dodgy RSS Feeds

  1. Hi there, it’s dick from FeedBurner and a dodgy feed is a bad thing. If you continue to have issues with the plugin, feel free to shoot us a note at feedback aht feedburner doht com and we’re happy to help out. Also, steve smith the author of the wordpress plugin is known to be remarkably helpful as well. Let us know if we can help and hey, have a safe trip!

  2. Thanks for the heads-up. I’ve taken the liberty and sending a message to Steve. Hopefully at the end of it, it’s just an isolated fluke that can easily be rectified.

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