My Last Post

This will be my last post…before I move to my own webhost…finally.

Gave some of you a fright now didn’t I?

Talk about kicking off WordPress Backup Week. After this post, I’m going to back everything up and have it uploaded into the new database on another server.

So here is to a successful transfer and total control of my own part of the server. Think of it as proof that backing everything up and putting it together again is always a good idea. You can never be too sure now…but then again…what’s life without risks…and a little assurance or two?

See you all on the other side.

6 thoughts on “My Last Post

  1. Heh, I wasn’t fooled coz I didn’t think you’d quit before the blogathon 🙂 May the move be smooth!

  2. So will the move be greeted with a new design too.. 😀

    Anyway, good luck in the Blogathon and carrying on your own established blogging legacy. 🙂 Cheers.

  3. Kyels: Duh I’m excited.

    Bawang: Haha…you should know me better than just to stop like that on the eve of the greatest blogging event on Earth. 🙂

    Reallybites: No I’m not going to crash the server, it isn’t even mine. 😛

    Irene: Dang…you know me too well. 😛

    Danny: Change my…what? Are you mad? It took me a hell of a long time to get this template the way I want it! I’d go crazy tweaking it again…I need to be severly depressed to start spring cleaning everything…unless you help me design one. 😛 Thanks for the kudos anyway. 🙂

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