Portable Applications: Something Techie-Like Even

General Warning: This post is mostly tech based. Hazards to health might involve dizziness, losing consciousness, waking up with keyboard face and severe head trauma.

(You may skip this part of the post entirely)

I’m a fussy computer user and you really can’t blame me for that, I have spent a lot of time tweaking and configuring my system the way I want to and pretty much have everything in it’s place and a place for everything. So when you’re basically camped away from your system for most of the day, I needed something to make sure I’ve got the basic things whenever I want, wherever I want it.

Then I found PortableApps.

Basically it’s a new site that has taken the major open source programs out there, shrunk and turned it into portable applications that you can run off your thumbdrive. It’s got all the basic things you need like Firefox, Filezilla and OpenOffice that you can use on any computer you’re on without having to install it. All you have to do is insert and run it straight from the thubdrive. It’s that easy.

Personally, I’ve got, personalized and tweaked Firefox, Gaim and Filezilla in my thumbdrive. Which is no surprise seeing that I recently installed WordPress on my USB drive as well and that took me a shitload of space on my thumbdrive. So either way, I still can work on WordPress blogs wherever I go which is a very good deal either way.

Now all they have to do is find a way to shrink Gimp down to size and I’ve got everything I need. Of course by then, I’d probably need a bigger thumbdrive too.

(End of hazardous post)

Crap…I definitely need more money. Then again, who doesn’t?

5 thoughts on “Portable Applications: Something Techie-Like Even

  1. I am seriously considering to do that to my thumbdrive for work, but I shall have to wait and see if I have access to the comp’s USB drives first. XDXD

  2. Oh I’ve been hunting for tiny useful standalone exe’s for as long as I can remember. Gems they are.

    You can try looking for FTP clients far smaller than Filezilla on sites like tinyapps.org

  3. Pat: All computers should have their thumbdrives accessible. Otherwise, how are you going to save your stuff to take home?

    Fuckkit: No MSN there. That’s why they have Gaim. Which on the long run is much better than MSN Messenger.

    Lionel: Well, I’m used to Filezilla anyway and 3mb from 11mb of the original Filezilla program is still a modest amount of shrinkage.

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