Presenting Version 5.0…

So there we have it. After a long while. After a long OVERDUE while…and just in time for the New Years too. Footsteps in the Mirror Version 5.0 is out. It doesn’t have everything I want. It certainly doesn’t have everything, but then again…thanks to some some people and the what I now know. Version 5.0 is much better over it’s predecessor in one obvious difference.

The Post Pages on Blogger actually work now.

As I previously posted up before, I wanted this new blog to be using Movable Type. Then of course, the change got delayed because my webserver went kapoof only to return as gracefully as ever one month later on Christmas eve. Right after that, the redesign hit a snag when I realised that my webhost just doesn’t have mySQL included.

I know I know…there are other DB systems out there.

It’s just too much of a hassle to install it.

So there we have it, after 6 years of webpage design. I finally designed one with proper tables and image mapping without the use of IFrames and layers. Just what an old school image based website should be. What an old school image based website that is cross-browser compatible SHOULD be.

Yeah that’s right.

I haven’t really tested the full scope of my blog, but if everything is set, it should be HTML validated which means Firefox friendly. As always though, expect some bugs along the way which means expect some tweaking of the blog over the next few days. If you guys see any bugs or dead links or anything like that.

Be sure to tell me.

Either comment here or put it in that new spanking Tagger board I had a hell of a time installing.

Lastly, I like to leave a personal note of thanks to Albert for helping me upload all this stuff at work and also helping troubleshoot the design when I got stuck.

So hopefully you guys like the new layout. It doesn’t change the way I’m writing, bit it’s just a whole new chapter for a whole new year. Thanks you guys for all the support and constant viewing.

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