Random Technicalities

The one thing about spring cleaning your own blog is that sometimes you just lose track of what exactly would you like to go in. The worse part though is when you try to put something in and you realize you have absolutely no technical skill to start doing all the things you want. That pretty much killed the plan of designing my own custom theme in the first place.

It’s no biggie anyway, As long as I can put all the things that make this blog as functional as it is up to date and as long as I find a space to put all my penguins, I don’t see why I should change to a completely new theme altogether whereby I have to edit the whole mess again code for code. That aside, got to remember to list down what I need to do with blog before I forget it again.

Edrei’s Blog Tweak List:

  1. Customize my coComments account and lob it at the sidebar if possible. It’s a nice concept and since I can keep track of where I commented, so can you too.
  2. Try and dissect the Crimson Milk theme for the DBX sidebar code. Failing that, find someone who can actually understand the DBX documentation because I certainly can’t understand it for shit.
  3. Redo my “100 Things About Me” page. Time’s change, I’ve changed, so let’s change that.
  4. Add a disclaimer for both my blog and my comments. I thought it might help me in the future should there be loony people who have way too much free time on their hands start putting weird things on my comments.

I think that’s about it though. Mostly under the surface tweaks that no one would really notice but myself. But I am a perfectionist by nature and even these small things give me a reason to be completely anal about it.

Then again…it is my blog and in my blog…we do such things to begin with. After all, there is no home like one you built with your own two hands.

2 thoughts on “Random Technicalities

  1. #3 – Suggestion:Keep the 100 list and do another one, Mark II. It captured a moment in time…

    #4 – Sad that you feel you need to do this…

  2. I’ll keep that in mind ChickyBabe. I was going to save my old 100 things about me. Actually…come to think about it, this one right now is the 2nd version. I have the first version stashed somewhere on my hard disk. Yeah, it’s sad too…then again, it doesn’t have to be all that bad. It can work to my advantage…if I do it right. 🙂

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