Returning To Twitter

For the past couple of months, I’ve been losing my edge in the way I blog. It isn’t just the loss of the single sentences that pack a punch in a post, it’s the loss of a whole collective of posts in which I feel has no more spark. I don’t know whether it’s the current workload or my sudden separation from “the cheerful perspective”, but in times like this, if I can’t pack my thought in posts that I used to write, there is always an alternate solution.

From the very beginning, I’ve been a member of Twitter, even before it hit the big waves, thanks to the heads up from the people at 9rules. For a long while, I didn’t bother to use it as much as some Twitter fans simply because with a 140 character limit, my own blog had less restrictions than that. These days though, I’m finding out that 140 characters is plenty when you have one off thoughts on your mind that don’t need a whole blog to waste.

It’s not that I won’t write on my blog, but these days, simple random thoughts that don’t build up to doing a Chickybabe, are all that’s on my mind. Just as well too because I know I still have that way with words on such a simple level, it just takes time for me to put it all back together again. Not quite the Humpty Dumpty, but with the possibility of returning to what its good at.

The good thing is, I’ve long sync my Twitter posts to this blog, it’s right there on the main page if you passed it over. If not, there is always my Twitter page to view. Maybe in time I’ll put those random one liners into something truly post worthy, but for now, small steps at a time, you

4 thoughts on “Returning To Twitter

  1. Good. I’d seen you pop up once or twice before, but wasn’t sure whether that would be more of an accidental thing.

    I quite like the old T and, every time, I seem to prefer it above Pownce or Jaiku or whatever else someone comes up with.

    Btw, I just realized I first joined in November 2006, but (dang!) I later signed up again under my current ID, losing the old skool cred. Oh well, see you around in any case.

  2. Nils: It’s no accident. I’ve been on it because I’ve been having more one liner thoughts than one post posts.

    ChickyBabe: You started it. I merely coined the term. And how good a term it is. 🙂

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