If anyone is reading this blog and actually manages to load this page, I’d like to appologise for the insane amounts of downtime my blog has been having during the past two days. Apparently someone on the server just happens to be sending out huge amounts of spam from their account and it’s clogging up the server I’m in.

The solution is pretty simple, start moving the accounts to another server that isn’t affected, but again, putting the solution into effect wasn’t so easy when you can’t seem to back up your database because the system is just so bogged down. I like this webhost, I really do…but come on…how long does it take for you to move all our systems from one server to another?

So, for the time being bear with me on this ok? I hope to be up by the weekend, or at least that’s what the estimate in if you throw in the DNS updates and all. There is just so much to do and so much to write, but since I can’t do anything for now…well…I’m sure I’ll think of something.

5 thoughts on “Serverisdownalotatitis

  1. well it seems that my site seems to be ok right now, so i believe the server that i’m on right now is fine and dandy. However your site will be my benchmark to check if the server goes crap as i have noticed that when ever you go down , 90% of the time mine too does at the same time.

  2. ChickyBabe: That it does. Just a couple more hours should do it.

    Serge: You’re on the same server as me unfortunately, that’s why you go down the same as me. It comes on and off which is the annoying part really.

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