Spank That Ass…Or Spam

Ok, fine…I admit, the title is a bit misleading. There is no ass here to be spanked and even if there was…it would the asses of all the idiots who had the brilliant idea of spamming comments on our blogs…and in a purely non-sexual way.

Anyway…taking that aside. I like to talk about spam again. Yes…in the real world, spam is a indeed a type of food which to me actually tastes good on the occassions that I have nothing better to eat. But spam to us bloggers or to anyone who uses the net is…really…the plague.

It is the cancer that plagues us all.

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t see it somewhere, on my blog, in my mail, on other people blogs, in other people’s mail (long story don’t ask). It’s just everywhere, it’s like a disease you just want to cut out and burn in this large bonfire while youdance naked, laugh and point at it going like “BUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Spam that you #&%$^$%^!!!” Although, I can’t show you a way to permanently get rid of mail spams and I certainly can’t show you a way to make a good bonfire in which you can laugh at. However If you’re running WordPress I can definitely show you a way to get rid of comment spam.


Then you can build a bonfire laugh about it.

Edrei’s Pre-Bonfire Prelude To Spam Control:

  1. Get Bad Behavior
  2. Get Spam Karma 2
  3. Get naked

(These next few paragraphs are the boring geeky part of posts)

Now, Bad Behavior is essentially a Spambot Filter. These are technically the biggest problem which comes with spam. Let’s just put it this way, in the 3 weeks which I have installed Bad Behavior, I have gotten over 13000 comments worth of spam. It doesn’t eat up manual spam…all it does is prevents spambots from ever accessing your site. If they can’t access, they canot post their comment.

Spam Karma 2 is the last line of defense. Bad Behavior was never meant to catch all forms of spam. Manual spam can get through…which is where SK2 comes in. It weighs the comment for good and bad karma according to the customisable detection rules. Needless to say, before I installed Bad Behavior, it caught ALL my spam comments.

However there is a small catch.

I have been recieving reports from people that SK2 is too sensitive. That it catches legitimate comments as well. This is because of one reason. Spambots spam blogs so much that it can cause SK2 to blacklist legitimate IP and website addresses…causing false positives.

That’s why Bad Behavior has to be used in conjunction with Spam Karma 2. As long as the spambots never get through, they will never cause legitimate comments to be blacklisted as well.

(End of boring geeky part of the post)

It’s as simple as that.

So what are you waiting for? Protect yourself against spam now. Say no to the people who do nothing but only make your lives miserable by showing how catatonically lame they are for doing such a thing.

Support Spam Zero Tolerence.

Then dance naked around a bonfire.

It’s worth it.


12 thoughts on “Spank That Ass…Or Spam

  1. So far, I’ve only been using SK2 and it’s been good. Been monitoring the spam harvest, and so far no false positives.
    *fingers crossed*

  2. Well with Bad Behavior. Your comment DB will NEVER fill up with spambot spam. Right now, all the spam is still in your database. Bad Behavior just blocks them from accessing your site.

  3. kami, oh, i went to my wordpress dashboard today and discovered that you link was in my incoming’s link! “Spank that Ass or Spam…”stchatterbox” “…..

    It was so scary, i thought you said I’m a spammer [but i remember i didn’t!]

    oh, ….feel relieved a bit! 🙂

  4. Hahaha, yeah that’s scary. I get weird incoming links too. It’s a faulty bug that comes with WordPress. It’s been fixed in 1.6 though. 🙂

  5. kami, i’ve heard something of Wp1.6: it’s still in alpha state, but I just wonder where to get a copy of it so I could play in my own local server ;p

  6. Well…unless you want to test it. I really want to test it out. It looks cool, then again unless you’re a developer…use with extreme caution.

  7. why not implement a captcha system? i always find that to be a lot more accurate than pure spam filters.

  8. Because captcha systems are clunky and they interfere with the interaction between the commenter and the blogger. More often than not it’s proof that spammers have won. Besides, with my spam filters now, I barely need to maintain it and it doesn’t annoy commenters.

  9. Yeah, captcha things can get terribly annoying at times. Some people have to develop captchas responsibility. Sometimes, they run opposite to usability.

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