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For the most part, people would always think of me as someone who gets his hands dirty with the latest tech or web application out there that common folk haven’t even heard about. In every respect, this is true. If you’re going to take things like Twitter and Facebook into account, I played around with it before it became cool and self destructed under the pressure of its own success.

I credit this largely to knowing people halfway across the world who make it a point to stay ahead of the curve, where knowing something gives them the edge in business no matter how loony a single idea could be.

The truth is, while there are people in the world that know their stuff and other people in the world who are clueless enough to believe that Google is the true spawn of Satan that would devour us all. There are also people like me, people who are geeky enough to know what it is but are still completely clueless about why we would ever in a million years use something ahead of our time.

Yes, I have gotten my hands dirty with Twitter, Facebook, Mahalo, OpenID and a whole host of snazzy webby things. Yes, I still carry portable version of Pidgin and Greasemonkey scripted Firefox in my thumbdrive so I’m never far away from the things I’m used to. Yet, to have and know all these things, if someone asks me what I’d do with say OpenID, I can look them straight in the eye and tell them.

“I have no idea.”

That’s the thing about it. I know how to work them out. It’s outlasted its 30 minute cool factor and now as a normal everyday user, I have no reason to use them aside from the fun factor. I’m not as ingenius as the front runners in using any of them to better their own individual cool factor. Neither am I as clueless as some to stick it up my nose thinking that it plucks my ear hairs. I just know enough that I know I have no use for it in any way other than being an informed geek.

So the next time some of you find what is the greatest thing next to sliced bread, rest assured, people like me would have already poked it with the proverbial stick in the hopes that it’s worth something. It’s just to save you time, I’m going to tell you that unless you work in the business, to do anything else with it would just be trying to raise geeky, yet cool factor to something a little more acceptable. That is until the mindless horde grabs a hold of it and turns it into their own kind.

Like Facebook.

Sweet Gods of Arcadion, help us now.

2 thoughts on “Technobabble Ignoramus

  1. I’m rather new to all this but I’m learning that you’ve got to keep abreast with changes to blogs etc as they happen, just as you do in a work situation. WP gives you a steep learning curve. May as well go along for the slippery ride :).

    That’s kind of you to help people out. I’m sure they appreciate every minute of it.

  2. It does when you think about it. Fortunately I had people help me figure out the basic ropes in the beginning. I’m just passing along the knowledge as it should for WordPress. For everything else on the other hand, it’s a hit and miss article.

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