One thing I notice in life is that changes of any kind comes in one big clump. Small changes rarely happen, it’s either one big thing or none at all. Maybe because we don’t notice the small changes till it piles up and slaps us in the butt. For instance, today I’m hit with the sudden realisation that not only am I redoing my blog layout from scratch. All a sudden I’m upgraded to an ADSL line. PLUS…I’ve got a chance at that nifty new all in one DVD-RW/CD-RW burner I always wanted. PLUS a spanking new 80 gig hard disk drive. All in one day, possibilities open and changes take place. Not a bad start for a holiday.

Of course, one must not speak too soon…I trust in balances. When good happens, bad is sure to follow and vice versa. Got to be prepared though for anything that might happen…even the unexpected.

So right now, I’m still up to my butt in redesigning the layout for this blog. Spent the whole day trying to find inspiration or something. I’m not the most graphically creative person on the block so it’s a tough haul. Sometimes I wish it was a natural talant rather than something I have to develop. Right about now, I could use something…some source of idea. But hey…it’s supposed to be art right? Wait a sec…I’m no artist. I can build rockets, model airplanes and off-road buggies but a simple website layout? It’s beyond my capabilities….how sad.

I guess this should be the part where I start complaining how people make it so easy. But I won’t. I shall triumph!! I shall get to the bottom of this little enigma!! I shall design something something in the same league as the veterans do!! I shall stop right here and start getting on with my work!! I shall…oh wait…should be stopping right now. Boy do I ever need some chocolate right about now. Hmmm…I do have some in the fridge. Mmmmm….chocolate fruit and nuts…

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