That Annoying Apple Fanboy-ism

I don’t know which I hate more. Apple itself or the Apple fanboy-ism that has managed to hype up this snakeoil in the palm of your hand called the iPhone and I know I’m not alone.

The way things have been going over the past few days makes Apple’s iPhone look like the second coming. Given what the phone can and cannot do, I doubt that it was worthy of the hype, but that doesn’t matter now does it? It may be a tad bit expensive for normal consumers, but that didn’t stop people from lining up in advance to buy it. It may only have features that’s clearly done better by other phones, but it doesn’t make it any less revolutionary than its competitors.

This of course doesn’t end with just the phone. This revolves around every single Apple product out there especially that of the Mac and the iPods. Apple has become a religion for some of the people that worship it and if anything, it’s as close as you can get to being a fundamentalists, and some of you know know how much I hate fundamentalists.

I think that at the end of it, the Apple fanboys know nothing better than what they use because they have never gone outside the scope of what Apple has to offer. They may claim to have been converted from other operating systems (particularly Windows), but that only means that they were either too lazy to work out the problems themselves or they have friends whom they want to lose out to in terms of being cool, because to have an Apple product these days is to be cool. It doesn’t matter that there are products out there that can do a better job, it just matters to have the name because it is bespoken.

Apple has become the epitome of the consumer orientated commercialised coffee. Celebrities use it in movies. Royalties have one. Even the homeless people listen to its products on the street. It’s sleek, stylish and gets along well with everyone, yet it does the same things as its counterparts and by no means is it any better. Whoever sold their soul to the devil to get that kind of marketing strategy is definitely getting their worth out of the bargain.

The irony of the situation is that while the iPhone isn’t much of a sell-out as it was hoped to be, it would still revolutionize the phone industry and make it one of the top selling Apple products of all time. Not because it is a product that’s worthy of attention, not because it’s a functional practical machine that improves productivity, but because it’s a product which comes from a line where people that live on it are either part of the herd or a die-hard zealot.

And we all know, zealots are never really sane.

15 thoughts on “That Annoying Apple Fanboy-ism

  1. I know! When the iPhone was first announced, I was excited, thinking hey, a phone from Apple! That’d be interesting! But after the obsessive scrutiny and minute-by-minute reporting on the tiniest iPhone detail, plus the aggressive fanboys declaring it to be the ‘Jesus Phone’, I quickly got tired of it. In fact, I’ve made a vow not to buy it if it ever comes to our shores.

    Not an apple hater, but this is all too much, seriously!

  2. Pat: If someone gives it to me. I’d use it, but I won’t shovel money just to use something I can made do with my PC.

    Jade: Yup. Apple’s become the in thing and overall, I tend to avoid things like that. It’s going to be a part of our lives, but by no means is it the future.

  3. not for nothing… but my brother has about 3-4 PCs and always has trouble with them. I have an office full of macs. we rarely have trouble, to the point that we are spoiled if an app crashes ever. while pcs have gotten better, it has ALWAYS been as a reaction to what apple has done. especially since OSX came out there has been no argument.

  4. Kami, don’t you think you’re a bit of an anti-Apple zealot?

    I really did convert from another OS (yes, Windows) and I did so because I was tired of all the Windows problems. Sure, I probably could have worked out fixes to every problem, but not being extremely geeky, it would have taken me quite awhile to figure it all out. And honestly, my time can be much better spent.

    I love my Mac because I don’t have to worry about spyware/viruses (somehow, I managed to get one every once in awhile, despite my redundant anti-spyware & anti-virus programs), programs never crash, almost all the programs I use are either free or inexpensive, and things are so intuitive. And yes, it looks pretty. I am on my computer 8-10 hours per day, and it is very important to me that my OS is easy on the eyes. I could survive without it, of course, but I don’t want to and therefore I don’t. Apple works for me, and much better than the PCs that I used for 18 years.

    I understand that Apple isn’t for you, but it is ideal for some. We’re not all brain-dead animals, following the herd.

  5. Interesting point of view. I do agree with some of your points concerning the iPhone, and have no plans to acquire one until the price drops and it has gone through a couple of revs.

    For me, my choices are all about choosing the correct tool for the job. I gravitate to the BSD variants for servers, and since I manage a LOT of servers I prefer OS X for its soft nix underbelly, not to mention the very nice UI. I don’t have to add anything to be able to manage a server, and additional tools are either free or easy to afford.

    Windows and I go all the way back to the 3.10 days and I have plenty of experience with every version since then. I had held some hope for vista until I realized that it would only run on a high end system less then six months old.

    Until recently, I have said that Linux is not ready for the masses. Now with Beryl and many improvements to other window managers like KDE, I am starting to shift in my thinking. Linux is still not there for the general public, but it is getting very close. I continue to watch with interest, and with Parallels I can stay on top of most any Intel based OS, and continue to make the best decision for me.


  6. Thomas: Well in retrospect I have used Windows and occasionally Linux and while I’ve yet to master using Linux, Windows has never failed me short of me messing around with it until it becomes unstable. OSX as well is far from perfect, I have crashed it before and I didn’t even know what happened. I wouldn’t mind if Apple users didn’t claim it to be the OS that it is. I could live with that. But to claim it uncrashable or superior? I doubt that.

    Erin: Close but I’m probably an anti-Apple-zealot zealot more than anything else. A mouthful but it makes more sense than hating something that still works. I’m not saying Windows is perfect the Mac is flawed and like you said it’s preferable to some. It’s the entire marketing based that tends to annoy me more than anything else. If you switched because you have a practical reason for it. Then yes, it justifies it. I know people who want to use Macs or iPods because their friends use it or because it looks cool. I’m sorry, style over substance has never been much of a reason to me. The biggest reason for a lot of the change is because they don’t know anything better. I don’t know about you, but now knowing anything better is a very poor excuse indeed, because if ever OSX superceeds Windows as the major operating system. Where do you think hackers will turn their attention to? Apple isn’t safe because it’s secure. It’s safe because on a ratio, building something destructive for it would not be worth it.

    James: The right tool for the right job. You use all three because you have a reason for it. As Erin pointed out not every one of us have reasons to use certain operating systems and as I said most people are ignorant towards using them in the first place. I like Linux because it’s minimalist and spartan, the very same way I tweaked my Windows to be. I just wish more programs can run on Linux before I can shift towards using it. For now, Windows does the job for me and it does it very well. I don’t need to switch to a Mac to do the same things Windows can already do.

  7. ChickyBabe: Not like we can use it anyway. The iPhone is tied into America’s AT&T networks without any way to put in a sim-card.

    Chibster: I know you do.

  8. I think it is even more annoying reading about everyone getting annoyed by Apple’s releases. It is the same think every time. Some get exited, some get annoyed. If the once getting annoyed would not help the hype than maybe that would help?

  9. The comments here are interesting. James probably had the best response. Windows is a mess, and always has been, but it works…..sometimes. They are also behind the times. I have friends who develop on Mac OSX and absolutely hate it. They are locked in however, because OSX cannot be run in virtual environment, as per the EULA agreement. Linux is not necessarily spartan like, unless you are a slackware user. My Ubuntu desktop is more refined and optimized than any Windows and Mac desktop I have been able to create. Linux is not quite at the point for everyone yet, but it will get there, at least with a few distributions.

    Back on point,I think the thing that is more annoying than the general Mac fanboy attitude, is the fact that they love Apple so much, even though Apple keeps taking new and advanced measures to lock them down, and control every aspect of their computing experience. Then the fanboys claim this is for usability experience, but its not…..its for money. I dislike Apple because they specifically work very hard to inhibit interoperability with other systems, and control and dominate their users. In my book, they are becoming worse than Mircrosoft.

  10. I hate apple for the whole hype, arrogance, from the leader as well as the irritating fanboys i’ve encountered. I’m pretty young to be called as a windows fan, as I was using various linux OS-es from the day I really started working with a computer; have to say my windows machine I had in early days was so virus prone cos of our shared usage among us kids-not enough care etc, but getting initiated with linux was a new era, I am working with Scientific linux,ubuntu,opensuse,mandriva on different machines; Also I’ve 2 laptops with dual boot->vista+linux, and Windows7+linux-Both of them work very well, never had any viruses, or crashes. I wonder why people are going behind a brand name other than choosing a cheaper,better machine. Ok let them go for it, but why this cult behavior………

  11. I don’t give a damn about computer companies, people will choose what they want to and no one and I mean no one has the right to argue over a computer someone else bought. What does irritate me and make my blood boil are fanboys. While Apple is a nice company, the fanboys are beyond insane. I would write more, but it takes too much time to type accurately on and iPhone.

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