The Annoyingly Addictive Twitter Game

By now, a lot of you know that my weekends are usually filled with geek-driven projects – the geekout weekend. It’s a time for me to relax and basically have fun with what I do best, play around with building household improvements or messing around with a new program or web application that would make my life a little more productive. However, this weekend, while the premise was still the same, it had nothing to do with improvements or productivity.

It had everything to do with digital crack.

Some time ago, I wrote about how Twitter can be used to improve your productivity purposes, not just as a tool for socialising. This time however, I did stumble across another use for Twitter, one that appealed to my sense of nostalgia, the good old days of text based online games. Except this time it had had a social network twist and it’s called Spymaster.

Basically, Spymaster is a website that links to your Twitter account and lets you play the role of a Master Spy where you conduct covert ops missions in order to gain experience and money. With more experience, comes better missions to do. At the same time, with more money, comes the ability to purchase equipment and safe houses that you need to complete more advance missions successfully. If you’re feeling brave or particularly strong enough, you can start taking on other human players as well by attacking them for money, equipment and experience.

Aside from that, I can’t really tell you much about the game except that a lot of the fun and success of your missions depends on how many people you have as followers on your own Twitter account and how many people you can sucker into playing it. It’s alright if the majority of people on your Twitter list are more or less Twitter addicts. I just had to be careful in not sending it to people who won’t find it amusing. For the most part, that has been pretty easy. The harder part is making sure I don’t annoy anyone with Twitter messages coming from my playing the game. For that requires a fair amount of awareness and some common sense. The one thing I find lacking in a lot of people who are on Twitter.

Other than that, I’m hooked. My weekend is almost gone because I keep refreshing the site every 5 to 12 minutes to play the game. My brain is wracked up with calculations on how to best make use of what I have and what I can do with it, in the attempt to hold my own against other people. Never have I been so hooked onto something on the net since my days of playing Utopia and Neopets. Although only time will tell if this is a weekend guilty pleasure or if this will go on for as long as possible, just because I can.

Then again, sometimes you’re allowed to let yourself go, especially if your weekends are usually packed with productive endeavors as an excuse to get away from it all. After all, what’s the point of exploring all the ways to save time and money when you don’t enjoy what you want with what you have left to begin with? Now that’s common sense you can count on.

Who said drugs don’t make you smarter?

4 thoughts on “The Annoyingly Addictive Twitter Game

  1. Kenwooi: Well then you have no reason to play now eh?

    Tulipspeaks: I never got suckered into the Facebook games because it depended too much on how many people you invited. Even though this requires you to have followers, it still has a fair amount of strategy to it, even if the bugs need to be worked out.

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