The Evil Genius That Is Dr Horrible

You thought the Dark Knight was good and the Joker was just amazing? Need your fix on a super villain that’s just as amazing? Look no further, because the writing genius that is Joss Whedon (creator of Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Serenity and Dollhouse) has created the greatest evil the world has ever seen, sort of, and it’s this guy.

Unfortunately, if you already don’t know about it and watched it by now, chances are you won’t get to see it for free any longer because all the 3 free acts on the site are going to be taken down by the (or was it after?) the 20th of July. What’s left of it will be on iTunes where you need to pay for it, and on other…illegitimate sources, which you don’t, and I’m not going to point you to it. Either way, Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog is simply awesome. A true villain you could want to be, at least if you take away the singing and the impossible array of devices and maybe the outfit too. But a true villain you could want to be.

Though watching the webclips, it makes me feel glad that I’m a mad scientist who has already gotten the girl. More to the point, I’m a mad scientist that has won over the girl with the potential to be dripping with pure sadistic evil. Every super villain needs a second in command that acts as their pointman (or in this case pointwoman) who would enforce the more physical parts of the plan. More to the point (again), a second in command has to actually understands the master plan in effect and not cause one of those goof-ups that our arch nemesis superheroes might take advantage of. I don’t think I have that complication since she is both vicious and brilliant, two traits which require my mad evil vision and foresight to take full advantage of.

Some days it pays to be a scientist born out of the ashes of being turned away by everyone for being a geek, destroying the fabric of society simply because you can. It pays to defeat every self-righteous heroic figure out there who acts like a dick, the self-serving jock not worthy being they heroes society thinks they are. It pays to have your own lair, filled with diabolical experiments of your own genius, to be tested on the unsuspecting populace. Sometimes it pays to have all that.

Other times though, it pays to be able to sing half as well as the people in this awesome webclip and I can imagine, they pay really well.

Guess I have to go back to working on my evil laugh now. I haven’t done it for years and it’s about time I get back into the heat of it. Because as it turns out, my vocal chords have atrophied a bit since then, which could put my evil villain laughter in jeopardy even before it begins.


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