The Illegitimate Love Child Of Firefox

Everyone needs a reason. In my case, my geeky nature should have been enough, but to try on the illegitimate love child of Firefox would take more than just curiosity. It would take a lot of reasons. Yesterday, I found those reasons.

Edrei’s Reasons For Trying Out Flock:

  1. It works exactly like Firefox (duh).
  2. It has a blogging system that works with WordPress and built directly into it which I am now blogging on to prove my point.
  3. I can get another account for free.
  4. I found out that I can use all the extensions that I previously used with Firefox on my Flock using this nifty application called Flocker.
  5. It appears to use up less system resources than Firefox (which could be purely coincidental).
  6. It looks good.

However that doesn’t mean I’m going to jump tracks and switch from Firefox anytime soon because with the good comes the bad…which I also found here.

Edrei’s Reasons To Stay With Firefox:

  1. The release version is called Developer’s Preview…so it’s extremely buggy.
  2. Seriously…it’s really really buggy.
  3. I kid you not, it is very very buggy.
  4. They don’t have minimilistic themes.

So the only reason why you would want to try out Flock is because you’re a geek who doesn’t mind contributing the the development of Flock by reporting the bugs and letting the developer’s fix. Other than that, if you’re not a geek, there is absolutely no reason why you should try out Flock for now, though there is a pretty good chance you would have a better reason to try it out in the future. So keep a look out for it…because with what it has the potential to be, this love-child is going to seriously rock your world.

4 thoughts on “The Illegitimate Love Child Of Firefox

  1. I tried Flock. It’s cool. The drag and insert picture from flickr feature is simply amazing. One thing bad about it is the code generates from the blogging interface of flock. It uses br instead of p.

    Ouch, too bad can’t edit the way it play with codes. Overall, I guess it will be a great browser for bloggers in the future, when the stable version is released.

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