The Laughable Page Rank Victims

It’s about time I finally talk about Google’s Page Rank because face it, even if you don’t care about it, you have to at least gotten wind of the news that Google’s been playing around with it so much, that half the people are angry and afraid while the other half take this chance to ask “so what’s this page rank I keep hearing about?”.

To be honest with you, I can tell you that no one really knows what page ranks really do and if they made any assumptions, no one really knows how this beyond top secret rank algorithm is formulated. What I do understand is that because there are no standards in actually determining a popularity of a site, the Page Rank is like the thing to look at to determine just how big a honcho you are. For people subscribing to the western capitalists ways, that means more chances for advertisers to pay you money for their adverts.

The problem with this lies in the fact no one really knows how to really influence a page rank. For a long time now people have been assuming that it’s all to do with the links and have gone to great lengths to game the system this way. I call this the “stupid-spam-gaming” method.

What people have done is essentially created a whole host of ways to get “legitimate” inbound links, all under the assumption that links make the page rank. But does it really? I mean, who told you that it matters? The same people that created it? I don’t think so.

Before people start jumping to conclusions on the whole thing, stop and consider this. Page rank fluctuation affected more than just sites that have paid links. There is more to this than just Google going out to get you. Think about that.

What’s really more amazing, like Scrivs pointed out, that the news that reverberated throughout the net regarding the sudden iffy page ranks is more important than all other pressing news out there. Forget fires, child kidnappings, wars, murders and alien landings. The moment your page rank drops, it’s suddenly Armageddon. It’s so pathetic, I really don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Again, personally I don’t care one way or another. I like to know that I’m doing something right and that revolves around what I’ve been writing. If I can survive without the icing on the cake that is my PR5, then why not? The people that know how to turn their blogs into a business know that there are more important factors to earning a revenue than just all these stats and rankings. It has to depend on what you write and what you can offer to the public, as opposed to cashing things in without a care for your readers.

If things like this wake up the cesspool of a community that are blogs that care only about money, I say kudos to you Google for doing something about it.

15 thoughts on “The Laughable Page Rank Victims

  1. I used to worry about my PR until the day you asked me whether it mattered. I thought about it, and heck, no. It didn’t, because what I really wanted was participation from my readers and not what Grandma Google thought of my blog.

    Thanks for being an inspiration 🙂

  2. I like your directness. Yeah, for people who don’t monetize their blogs, PR is not an issue at all. It’s no indication of real traffic.

    Some bloggers are direct and admit the fact they worry about their PR is becos they will lose out on big paying opportunities. I appreciate their honesty too. I don’t judge.

    As for the true spirit of blogging, PR does not matter. Not one bit… 🙂

  3. I never really did worry about Page Rank, and reading your entry made me feel amused. I wasn’t even aware that Google was redefining their page rank. XD I’m more curious as to how the blog is doing, but if it’s not a high page rank, who cares?

    Kudos on the awards BTW. XD

  4. In recent times, I noticed my PR dropping, my Technorati plummeting yet my stats are still up. And it means nothing. I’m not running a blog as a hobby not a business. And judging by how Google indexes my posts, my blog isn’t about to drop off the blogosphere unless I take it private.

  5. Pelf: A pleasure. People seem to forget that it’s that kind of interaction that matters. Whatever technical stats will come eventually with it.

    Helen: Thank you. You have to understand though, at the end of it, big revenue from sites aren’t dependent on PR. That’s something low paying advertisers use in the first place because they don’t value both the users and the readers. At the end of it, people who say write for blogging networks or sell their brand are the ones that generate more revenue because of their developed credibility, not from some half assed rank gaming. There are a lot of sites that prove just that. Techcrunch and 9rules are just a couple of them that wouldn’t care about their dropped page rank because to them, that’s not where their money comes from. They have better ways of earning from their sites.

    Pat: I guess at the end of it, you really do embellish those that haven’t a clue what page ranking is about. Though I do have one question. What awards? Why wasn’t I informed of any award?

    ChickyBabe: You’re a testament to show that it’s not all about generated stats. As long as it matters, as long as you write, people will come and people will read. I don’t think it’ll ever matter to you, ever.

  6. no one really knows what page ranks really do and if they made any assumptions, no one really knows how this beyond top secret rank algorithm is formulated

    You nailed it right there. Google’s massive PR machine at work. Not to say it’s a bad thing – from a (their) business standpoint anyway. It’s the classic Steve Jobs mystery method. Nice write-up. I’m glad to have finally found someone who shares my thoughts on this topic!

  7. Well, There’s People Blogging for Living, Drop in PageRank means a decrease in their income.
    Google’s “new” Algorithm may be still “too naive” to understand which site that should be penalised and which site shouldn’t.

    Behind Google, Sergei Page and Larry Brin are still Human afterall. They are just trying to get rid of the Black Hat SEO.

    We are Human and We made Mistakes.

    PageRank is Just a Number though. It’s the content that made the blog a good blog. Not PageRank numbers.

  8. half the people are angry and afraid while the other half take this chance to ask “so what’s this page rank I keep hearing about?”.

    I fall in the latter! 🙂 But thanks to you I took time to find out what mine was. I’m bemused, but now I know. It’s just as important to know what you don’t care about, right?

  9. I’m entering my 6th year of blogging very very soon (hey I entered it already), and until today I have no idea what on earth does a page rank do, and how can such a number affect the masses….

  10. Pete: I’m so sick and tired of people jumping the guns and thinking that all the technical “tweaks” are going to make up for their utter lack of content. I want to see more sites with something worth reading. Something people will actually value.

    Vincent: It’s been proven time and time again that using page rank to determine the quality of a site for the purpose of revenue is a poor idea. There are better ways to earn from what you write and that’s entirely dependent on…what you write, and how you build up your credibility and brand of your blog. People that game the system misuse this, it’s not just spammers, but a lot of people that say they blog for money. Google’s probably trying to stop that from happening and get people to put in things relevant to their site and not just ads for ad sake.

    Esther. There is no crime in curiosity, otherwise I’d be on the most wanted list. 🙂

    Minishorts: Only if you think it matters. For those of us that have built up who we are by what we write. It never mattered. I don’t think it ever will.

  11. Hi
    Well thats the thing I ever thought. Page Rank got more of importance in the blogging sphere due to the high importance to high PR blog from blog posts sponsors coming from PPP, blogsvertise and blogitive.

    If the above three stops giving blog posts sponsors on the basis of PR and only on the basis of post quality then I think PR will lost all its importance in blogosphere

  12. You do realize that’s circular reasoning right? All these sites advertise on the basis of a technical system that can be gamed and manipulated without regard of the quality of what’s been written. If that’s the case, there is no point advertising at all if the readers don’t matter.

  13. Totally agree with what you are saying. hehehe….. lots of people are just too concerned with the PR thingy…

  14. Well, unless anyone is writing paid post, or less it wouldn’t be so important to a blog, after all, it’s content that makes people come to your blog

  15. That’s the thing. Unless they are doing that. There is no reason for it to be important. Even if people throw down page ranks, they will always come up with other things to substitute it. It makes no difference. Blogs like this spoil it for us all.

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