Back On Track With The Layout

  1. Theme Selection
  2. Colour Contrast:
    • Title
    • Links
    • Entries
  3. Photoshop Graphics:
    • Header
    • Sidebar
    • Icons
    • Comment
  4. Header:
    • Horizontal Navigation Bar
  5. Custom Content Display:
    • Latest Post
    • Asides
    • Search
    • Random Posts
    • Graphics
  6. Sidebar:
    • Positioning
    • Width
    • Meta data
  7. Comment:
    • Positioning
    • Trackback Separation
    • Text area tweaks
  8. Custom Pages:
    • About
    • Archives
    • Contact
    • Links
  9. Miscellaneous Code
  10. IE Fixes

That’s right. We’re down to only a few bits and pieces here and there. After changing the colour scheme for the umpteenth time, I managed to get around the whole rounded navigation issues. It just helps to have people that know a thing or three more than you, read your blog.

The bad news is that inspiration has left me again. Not a good deal especially when I’m still trying to design my header. I have the ideas, but the picture in my head is as fuzzy as an out of tune TV station. There isn’t much I can put down. Which is just as well since classes have just started again for the semester so it would be silly to be doodling the rest of the designs in class when I’m supposed to be paying attention.

Still, hopefully something will come soon. The 20th of March is just around the corner. As far as deadlines go, I’m cutting this pretty close. Then I’d have to remember there is still the IE code to fix.


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