Closing In On The Finished Layout

  1. Theme Selection
  2. Colour Contrast:
    • Title
    • Links
    • Entries
  3. Photoshop Graphics:
    • Header
    • Sidebar
    • Icons
    • Comment
  4. Header:
    • Horizontal Navigation Bar
  5. Custom Content Display:
    • Latest Post
    • Asides
    • Search
    • Random Posts
    • Graphics
  6. Sidebar:
    • Positioning
    • Width
    • Meta data
  7. Comment:
    • Positioning
    • Trackback Separation
    • Text area tweaks
  8. Custom Pages:
    • About
    • Archives
    • Contact
    • Links
  9. IE Fixes

The one thing about designing your own layout is that at the end of it, you’re going to have to live with it for a very long time. So if you can’t stomach it after a while, chances are, it’s never going to be a winner. Which brings me to this, the fact that for the past few days, I’ve been adding more and more important features to my layout. My inspiration may have deserted me for now, but it’s still left a note saying what I still should be doing. You got to love inspiration when you see her.

While the list tells me I’m almost done, I’m sure that there are a couple of things I know I left out. Thanks to help from some people, notably Kristin, Lelia and the WordPress IRC channel, I did manage to get through some of those obstacles and forgotten parts without too much waste of time. Even Mel, as oblivious to the design as she is as interested in it, manage to remind me to edit a few overlooked pages. You got to thank friends and your close ones when you see them.

The real headache comes when I start working on the fixes for Internet Explorer (IE). Long has that been a thorn on my side and every designer that has worked with it. Since almost half my readership uses IE in the first place, you can expect that I would have to make sure that the new layout is cross browser compatible and that means getting a few people that still use IE to design to give me a few pointers. Seeing the bunch I tend to hang around with, that might be a little hard to come by.

So if you know anyone that has knowledge on how to make your blog IE compatible even with all the CSS tweaks you use. Could you please contact me about it? There are some bugs right now that are desperately annoying and with the advent of IE7, some of the old hacks just don’t cut it anymore. That’s definitely going to be a long night fixing it all for everyone.

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