Designing A Moldy Fruit

Bryan hinted that the colour scheme on the new layout “reminds him of fruit with mold on it”. Which is a polite way of saying it’s just as appealing as rotten fruit. Lisa on the other thought that a more direct way of putting it would be for him to go pro-bono and redesign my blog for free so that it doesn’t stain the net it was on. As if he doesn’t have to put bread on the table.

Either way it’s back to the old drawing board for the colour schemes and contrasts. It’s a good thing it has nothing to do with the positioning or it’ll be more than just my fist banging against the wall. It’s one thing to put pictures into words, but I have no idea how to put words into pictures. It just definitely isn’t my forte.

Maybe I really should get Bryan to go pro-bono on me. I could say that (9rules) community service does go a long way, at least karma wise. Wouldn’t really be lying through my teeth there would I?

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