Designing Without Help

  1. Theme Selection
  2. Colour Contrast:
    • Title
    • Links
    • Entries
  3. Photoshop Graphics:
    • Header
    • Sidebar
    • Icons
    • Comment
  4. Header:
    • Horizontal Navigation Bar
    • Search Bar
  5. Sidebar:
    • Positioning
    • Width
    • Meta data
  6. Comment:
    • Positioning
    • Trackback Separation
    • Text area tweaks
  7. Custom Pages:
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    • Archives
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    • Links

It’s back to the usual form with people unable to lend their expertise and knowhow. Even though it’s painfully slow and frustrating, at least things are starting to progress. Right now it’s basically down to winging is as much as I can and sorting out the errors as I go along. Not exactly something I’d be proud off, but when it’s just down to one person trying to do something that he doesn’t know how to do. The amount of options available it remotely…negligible.

On the other hand some mistakes do turn out to be unexpected boons. Design flaws that do look aesthetically pleasing. They might not be reproducible, but I’m not complaining, I don’t see anyone trying to help me correct the errors.

The countdown has begun anyway. I have to finish this theme in about 4 weeks with only one more week left of free time. Even if most of the the hard parts are done, there is still the countless hours of bug hunting and tweaking to get to it. You might say I don’t like the fact that I’m left to do this on my own seeing I can only progress so far with a limited amount of knowledge and time. If you did say that. You’re absolutely right.

Then again, no one said the best things in life were the easiest to come by.

5 thoughts on “Designing Without Help

  1. Ed, have you tried asking for favors to help design your blog?

    Anyway, I’m around to give you a word or two in producing a usable blog layout. 🙂


  2. Danny: I have asked for help getting past the problems I’m having when getting to the programming parts. The ones that know how are always busy. The ones that are there seem to not have a clue.

    Syefri: And I don’t know how long that’s going to take. This one took 3 years to make and tweak to perfection. I don’t want to take that long. 🙂

  3. If you are building it based on the current theme, I don’t think it would take another 3 years. 😛
    Besides, you already listed stuff down. That speed things up for sure.

  4. Haha, it’s a complete redesign that’s why it’s taking such a long time. But I suppose if I don’t keep adding new things, it’ll speed things up.

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