Illiterate Design

When it comes to redesigning your own layout. Have I ever mentioned to you how much I don’t know CSS? When it takes you one whole day to rework the sidebar because you still don’t know which left and right padding and margin affects what part of the lists. You know you got a long way ahead of you.

Then of course you realize that you still need to make sure it works well for all browsers. While that’s where the headache usually begins, I’m afraid in this case, taking my painkillers is way past overdue at this point.

Fortunately the end result is always the same. Get it working no matter what the cost. Ok, that’s not entirely true. Maybe it’s not at the cost of sleeping. I must be getting smarter at this day and age.

10 thoughts on “Illiterate Design

  1. Padding? Lists? Good grief, rather you than me here. I don’t know a bit about these things. Take care, good luck and don’t overdo it. It’s just a blog. Right?

    Not a chance at a little sneak preview somewhere then? Ah, well, we’ll see it when it gets there. Cheers.

  2. Yeah it’s just a blog but then again, I’m always the perfectionist when it comes to doing things. 🙂 Sent you something in the mail. Hope you enjoy that. 🙂

  3. but that knowledge, you can create such a great and perfect design. If you know lots of CSS and design, your blog will be a masterpiece!

  4. Joy: Then you’d know how frustrating it can be at times. 🙂

    Korokmu: Yes it would wouldn’t it? Unfortunately I don’t have much time these days to go through the coding like a fine tooth comb. I do know how to push the limits of what I have, but not creative enough to start from scratch and thats usually where the trouble lies.

  5. dont start from scratch then. they way you modified this theme is great enough. Take another theme and make it as great as this theme. 🙂

  6. PixelHead: Why Safari of course. I do have to get a friend for that too. Hard to test for Safari when you hate the Mac. But it’s usually IE6 and IE7 where that headache begins. 🙂

    Korokmu: Heh, the way the theme got modified was that I stripped almost all the underlying CSS on the sidebar to barely minimum. Putting all the padding and margins back were the hard part.

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