Mona Lisa Nude

It’s easy to feel discouraged when someone gives their honest criticism that whatever you have designed up to a point feels like they want to yawn and sleep through whatever you wrote. Then again, no one ever created good work without some kind of previously marked criticism to learn from. Even the best artists have their teachers. I wonder if Leonardo DaVinci’s mentor took one look at the Mona Lisa and said:

“Have you ever thought of painting her in the nude?”

Oh wouldn’t that have been something.

5 thoughts on “Mona Lisa Nude

  1. Douglas: Maybe you’re right. Always that secret smile with her. 🙂

    Kenny: If we find it, you’ll be sure to know. 🙂

    Tiara: Still, even great masters had their critics and teachers. Whether he listened or not, he’s got to have started somewhere.

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