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This is more like a public service announcement than anything else. I discovered today quite by accident that Feedburner, the service I’ve used faithfully and without complaints for the past few years to keep track and optimise of my blog’s RSS feeds, has been acquired by “that-end-of-all-things” Google.

That being said, apparently the move from my account to the new Google account might cause my stats to go wonky for about 72 hours. Not that it matters anyway, but it’s good to know these things. Also apparently there is a deadline on updating your Feedburner account to the new Google account which is on February 28th, otherwise they will move it for you. While that’s probably fine for a lot of people, personally I like a little more control over things and I like to know what’s happening with the services I put down on my blog.

Still, from the looks of things, all the services that Feedburner offered before is still retained by Google. But there is one nagging thought though. This blog still runs the Feedburner WordPress plugin which directs the feeds to the Feedburner, not the new Google Feedburner site. Someone has to update the plugin to fix that redirection so that it points to Google instead.

Also, those of us who has Feedburner widgets or links on their site will have to update those links once they have moved their accounts to Google. At this point I’m looking at changes to all link directions in feedburner at the moment. Just in case though, you might want to keep your eye out if you’ve used those links to redirect your feeds to Feedburner. I’m just paranoid about things that way and I like to be on top of things in case anything bad happens, especially when they depreciate the old Feedburner links. So if you’ve got 10 minutes of your time to muck around your blog, you might as well look into it.

That being said, goodbye Feedburner, you’ve served us well for so many years. But like all things on the net, they do come and go, so for now, I would have to welcome to the feeds, our new Google overlords.

4 thoughts on “Update Your Feedburner/Google Account

  1. not sure why, but i seem to get many enquiries from people stating that pre-google feedburner and post-google… subscribers to their feeds on any reader will read in the status at feedburner.XXXXX.com/feedID or something.

    where else for my case, even if pre/post google the feed link points directly to my site or the permalink.

  2. Don’t know about you, but mine does the former as well, though it doesn’t matter, considering the links will be directed to my own blog or the site mentioned anyway so there isn’t a problem.

  3. It only adds to the “2” for all feeds not just Blogger blogs. Right now it’s redirecting all the feed links to the Google link. I mentioned the change only in the case they decide to depreciate the link on a later date. Better safe than never I say.

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