A Better Autoping Plugin You Should Know

I’ve been meaning to put this down for a while but then I completely forgot. For a long while now, those of us that have been using WordPress have had the ability to autoping or rather autotrackback certain aggregator site. For for those of us in the Malaysian blogosphere, we have a multitude of sites like that namely PPS and Blogsmalaysia. The catch to this is that everytime you wanted to post, you had to manually enter the trackback code yourself. Tedious for many, clueless for some.

Yes there have been ways to autoinsert your trackback ping. LcF here first gave us the way to automatically insert our trackback pings in every post. It was a good first step…unfortunately even with the instructions, some people couldn’t be stuffed in editing their PHP on fear of screwing things up. Szehau on the other hand then made a plugin which does this (specifically only ping PPS). Joy…it made things easier…half the time.

You see for some reason, both LcF and Szehau’s techniques and methods only worked half the time especially if you’re using version and above. I discovered that it wasn’t because of a bad connection that you couldn’t ping because if you manually type in the trackback pings, it would work 100% at a time. It turns out it has something to do with more than just inserting the line, there has to be a hook somewhere for the WordPress’ XMLRPC to start pinging. It’s a technical thing, you don’t really have to know this.

What you do have to know is there is a better autotrackback plugin out there that works. It’s called Autotrackback By Category. Yes, it’s a good name…it’s a very obvious name. What it does prior to its predecessors is give you the option to autoping any trackback ping by just saving it in the options. It doesn’t have to be just PPS, it can be anything else automatically. The really good thing about this is that you can choose which categories you want to automatically ping which sites.

For example, if your blog contains really personal posts you would rather not let so many people know. You can not set your “Personal” categories to autoping. Have a specific category that only pings to one more site other than what you already ping? Simple, add that trackback ping to the specific category of your choice. If you’re still clueless, here’s an example of what I mean.

Autotrackback By Category Plugin

I’ve been running this for quite a while and it’s fair enough to say that it works 100% of the time, no timeouts and no faulty pings. It works exactly as it should. So if you were already looking for a way to autoping trackbacked sites out there, this would be your plugin for it. Probably the last autotrackback plugin you will need…for WordPress users…naturally.

21 thoughts on “A Better Autoping Plugin You Should Know

  1. Thanks – been looking for something like this since I jumped ship to WP- MT has this built-in.

  2. I’ve been trying to find this for a long time. Damn Google didn’t turn up the searches until I went to talk to the guys about it.

  3. Edrei, one question. I’ve installed and activated it, but where do I find the plugin option interface? I tried clicking on everything but I can’t find the page.

  4. hey! that’s a nice plugin there…

    I notice that if i put the autoping address in more than 2 categories, and my entry fits more than 1 categories ( say, i wrote something that fits the categories “personal” and “film”, and both categories have the same autoping address, i actually ping twice to the same add…

    hmmmm…. not very good considering i’m risking being banned…

  5. Actually…that does not happen. In WordPress, once you already pinged via the trackback, you can’t ping it again. It’s just a safety precaution that WordPress has.

  6. is that so?

    i’m not all too sure actually, but when i ping PPS for example, I see 2 entries being made if i’d checked 2 categories for that entry…

    that’s how i assume what i mentioned earlier

    the repeated post however will be deleted, but that i assume PPS has taken out repeated entries (which i’m not sure if that’s the case)

  7. Yes, I am certain for one good reason. As an experiment, you try ping a trackback, then ping it again. It won’t work. It only allows you to send a trackback only once. It’s to prevent ping abuse from WordPress’ end.

  8. hey mate, thanks a lot for this autoping, and for the manual to upgrade my wordpress. Your site’s excellent 🙂

  9. The “Update services” field is not working for trackback. I think it is better to have a “global” trackback field under the autoping plugin because I always forgot to put the trackback link when I have created a new category.

  10. Its meant to be flexible anyway. Cause there are some posts that I do NOT want to ping and some posts where I ping different sites than the rest. This is the only plugin that gives me this option.

  11. the problem with wordpress is that it is not so responsive for the web 2.0 revolution taking place. i wish it has this feature (auto trackback / rss pinging) long back.
    i would love to see who linked to my post – instantly whenever a link is made to the post – which can be viewed at the bottom of the post. i believe google blogger (the official google blog sites) have similar trackback feature integrated (create a link) . hope wordpress catches up sooner than later – before i write an article like this below 😉


  12. WordPress does have automatic pingback between WordPress posts as well as to ping other sites which is in the XMLRPC. The problem isn’t WordPress but other blogging platforms that don’t support this and rely on outdated methods. Movable Platform comes to mind. That’s why this plugin was created, to support the aggregation sites that rely on Trackback to ping them instead of standard pinging methods or RSS to update.

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