Beta-Testing WordPress 2.0 Beta-1

It’s been about 12 hours after testing out WordPress 2.0 Beta-1 and it’s safe to say that it’s been pretty good so far. There have no been no massive hiccups that cause my blog to go bye bye. There ARE some small hiccups that cause my blog to give me some annoying problems though. I’ve taken the liberty of listing them out here.

  1. WP-Dash Recent Comments plugin gave me a database error on my admin. Problem solved after deactivating WP-Dash and all related addons.
  2. For some reason my comments link does not give me the number of people who have commented on my post even though the call function is correct. I seem to be the only one so far who has this problem.
  3. The nifty AJAX functions in “Write” stop working after the first load. I am not sure whether its my system or it’s WordPress itself.

Other than that, the rest of the functions and plugins work perfectly and I’ve got no problems with it so far other than a minor aesthetic quirk for the Admin (I prefer using the Tiger Style Administration Plugin which breaks in the new 2.0 interface).

If you guys are interested in beta testing the new version and helping out its development by listing any bugs present, you can still download WordPress 2.0 Beta-1 here. Of course, when you do, make sure you test it out on your test blog or if you’re really bold, back up your database before you install the new version onto your “live” blog. Right now, if anything I’m stuck with these errors until they can get sorted out, if I’m lucky, they’ll be fixed with the new nightlies. If not…I guess I’ll have to wait till the official version comes out. Ouch…that ought to hurt.

7 thoughts on “Beta-Testing WordPress 2.0 Beta-1

  1. The AJAX in the write functions also stops working for me at first.
    Then I suspected streamyx… because AJAX requires to download an additional layer to the browser and that takes a lot more bandwidth then the normal interface.

    Of course, sure enough, when I tried it again at my office, it works flawlessly.

  2. I’m on a T3 network. No reason why the AJAX shouldn’t work though. Maybe it’s the firewall that I’m behind but I can’t be too sure until I try another place.

  3. Works for me, but I didn’t like it even in, so I disabled it. Maybe yours was disabled, check your “User” to see if yours is disabled.

  4. mine is enabled but the buttons doesnt show, only the first 2, the others are missing, like wtf right?
    beta-2 is out..

  5. Yeah, I uploaded Beta-2 yesterday.

    If it really is a problem, you can visit the support forums and see what is wrong, or the channel at the right time when the devs are in.

    This is why it’s called BETA. It’s not a full release version yet so expect these things to happen.

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