Diary Of An Attempted WordPress 2.3 Update

If anyone paid attention, my blog was down for a couple of hours as I upgraded to WordPress 2.3 from my current WordPress 2.2.3. Technically it should have been a standard upgrade without the fuss. After all, I have been doing this for years every since the age old WordPress 1.3 and there should have been no surprises. Unfortunately, this is what happened.

  1. Downloaded WordPress 2.3
  2. Backed up my database with the database backup plugin.
  3. Uploaded all the WordPress 2.3 files via FTP.
  4. Ran upgrade script.
  5. Opened the main page to find “database wp_categories not found” plastered all over my blog.
  6. Realised there must have been a problem.
  7. Opened Gmail to find my backups.
  8. Found out they weren’t there.
  9. Panicked.
  10. Searched Gmail again.
  11. Panicked more.
  12. Uploaded WordPress 2.2.3 in a futile attempt to repair the database.
  13. Found out it was a silly idea.
  14. Kept panicking.
  15. Calmed down enough to check if the backups were sent from the server.
  16. Found out they were stuck on my server, never sent even though I scheduled them to do so
  17. Uploaded the pre-upgrade backup.
  18. Found out that they didn’t contain my tags which have been deleted.
  19. Panicked but not to the extent of the last panic.
  20. Found out that the last backup didn’t contain optional details.
  21. Uploaded a week old backup which did contain optional details.
  22. Realised I forgot to upload my wp-config.php with server details.
  23. Spent 15 minutes entering all the wrong username, database name and password before remembering I backed that up on my hard drive a while back.
  24. Restored my blog to the original WordPress 2.2.3 with everything intact.

It’s fair to say that backing up your blog, no matter who you are or what the situation is important. It goes to say that even if you’re an age old veteran around your blog, you’re never too careful when it comes to updating to a new version. More so when your blog contains a lot of hacks and custom elements.

That being said, I did find out why I couldn’t upgrade in the first place, thanks to a quick pointer from the folks at the #Wordpress IRC channel. My theme still uses the “wp_catagories” to pull the posts. Some plugins probably use those databases as well. Things which have otherwise been removed from the new WordPress 2.3. I can’t upgrade until I’ve edited the core parts of theme to go along with the new changes. A pain, since I barely have time to look into it in the first place, but that’s the way the wheel turns in this case.

Either way, upgrading should be a snap for those people that aren’t so fiddly with their WordPress blogs. Just remember to back up and you’re all set. Upgrading for me on the other hand is going to take time which means I have to tweak the bulk of it in my Sandbox. The problem is when I’m actually free to start tinkering with the theme.

How does the year 2010 sound?

15 thoughts on “Diary Of An Attempted WordPress 2.3 Update

  1. OK, now I think I need to search for a very detailed instructions to upgrade my blog (or I could try it with my sister’s blog first, LOL). You know how I always tremble throughout the process…

  2. Pat: Yeah, probably around there.

    Pelf: It’s not that hard. It’s just like what you did last time. Mine’s just iffy because I have way too many plugins to maintain as well. You don’t have much, which is alright. I say go ahead with it. I guarantee you won’t have any problems.

  3. This is good to know. I really want to do it, if only for the way it works with tags but I know I’m going to have to do some major tweaking with my theme. I think that I’ll wait just that little bit longer.

  4. Cirnelle: Why would I want to pump up my gut again?

    ChickyBabe: No way I’m returning to Blogger. I keep telling you it doesn’t give me all the power I want over my blog. 😛

    Cerebralmum: Yeah, you might want to just to make sure all the plugins you’re using and theme is compatible with the new format. It’s not that important as of yet. Just more things to play with than actual fixes. Nothing you can’t hold off till you really need to.

  5. Haha… mine is still using an old version. Very lazy these days… you help me upgrade can or not? 🙂

  6. Well, I’m sorry you had trouble upgrading… but I’m glad that I wasn’t the only one who did! 🙂

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