Do Not Download WordPress 2.0.3

That’s right as the title said it. Do not download WordPress 2.0.3. For a while now, I’ve recieved a standing warning on WordPress 2.0.3 which has some security fixes but introduces some new annoying bugs particularly the “Are You Sure” bug which fortunately for us has a plugin that fixes it temporarily.

I know security is important but unless you want to be stuck with a new set of bugs (assuming you’re too lazy to work those fat fingers of yours and download the plugin fix), then you might as well risk it. To date, the current 2.0.3 version will not be removed and will remain until the next version release. I don’t know much about marketing but I would assume that this is a very bad idea to begin with especially if you want to instill public confidance that you’re not putting out a product that’s less than satisfactory. It’s irresponsible and downright dangerous to pull something that Microsoft would do. I thought being open source is supposed to cut down on the times that something like this can happen?

Then again, I can’t say I blame them, WordPress is built on those of us that have time to spare to take a look at a the code and build up on it, after which its squeezed through those of us who alpha and beta test it through the SVN. There are times when hiccups can happen and we don’t pick it up because there are just too many ways to use WordPress and we can’t cover all of it.

That aside, at least we should be given the public option to still download Version 2.0.2 rather than keeping to 2.0.3 which is known to be buggy, or even repeated messages saying that we should not download 2.0.3 until a proper fix has been resolved. Since they are not doing it, I’m doing my part to spread the word around. Do not download version 2.0.3 yet. If you’re new user, you can download WordPress 2.0.2 which is stable and far from any annoying bugs and just so happen to have a copy with me.

Download WordPress 2.0.2 (Stable)

In final defense of the blogging software I have spent a long time dabbling with, here in WordPress we have a saying that “Code is Poetry”. I guess it said nothing about being perfect. You have been warned alright.

15 thoughts on “Do Not Download WordPress 2.0.3

  1. bah. That’s part of the reason I don’t really buy into the WP hype. (That, and the WP.COM side being rude to me when I told them that their blogs don’t print properly. “You should be grateful you’re on a free service!” wtf, people who print stuff off my site aren’t gonna care if it’s free…)

    If there was an option to export all your posts, comments, and links away from the WP.COM blog, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

  2. Tiara: It isn’t exactly a hype…or at least none that I’m aware off…or at least one I don’t promote blindly. Don’t forget, a lot of what WordPress is built on is on developers that have time. You really can’t expect the same kind of standards you get from paying for something. For what it’s worth, it’s already surpassed its standards as a system. at least gives exactly what its meant to give, a platform that focuses on the content of blogging and a community you can interact with. Also, if you already didn’t know… is also the unofficial testing ground for whatever comes out in the standalone version of WordPress. Keep that in mind. It doesn’t deliver everything, but you get what you pay for.

    Peter: Then I do hope you downloaded the fix because you might go through a lot of trouble with you start editing later on.

  3. I get what you mean about the developers’ own time and such, but something like this really wasn’t necessary:

    Me: Hey, I’ve just noticed that whenever I try to print off my blog, it looks wonky. Might wann check that.
    Admins: There’s a plug-in for that, which is on
    Me: Well yeah, but this is for Can’t install plugins yet. And it’s a rather glaring error – most websites should be able to print properly.
    Admins: BE GRATEFUL YOU’RE ON A FREE SERVICE! *closes thread*
    Me: *can’t reply* wtf?

    Acknowledge that it is unpaid labour (of love, perhaps)…but for goodness sake, the attitude (not by you, mind) is unbecoming. Especially on something that should be a standard procedure. I haven’t seen this sort of rudeness on LJ (well, sometimes perhaps) or Textpattern or wherever else.


  4. Well, it happens everywhere. Sometimes you just got to understand it from a developer’s perspective. They can get touchy especially when there are more than just impropoer printing to think about. But I do apologise for something like that anyway. I myself have had a fair share of something like that but only because I realized by the end of it, that I asked a pretty noob question. After a while…you just get used to that mindset.

    Still…sorry about that.

  5. I use the tune-up plugin before but when I activate it, my Easy Announcement plugin won’t work. Urgh… I hope WordPress will release their next update as soon as possible.

    Btw nice site kamigoroshi (erm…do you have short name?) He3.

  6. Lainie: What to do? WordPress devs aren’t Gods. 🙂 We all make mistakes.

    CypherHackz: Ed will do fine. 🙂 Looks like they won’t be releasing an update that soon. What you can do is use other asides plugin. In my case I use a plugin called Miniblog, which is flexible enough that you can see it on the sidebar under the “Entry Details”. It works fine.

  7. OMG,too late to see your post

    i have updated my WP and now many plugins don’t work 🙁

  8. hmm, so whats seems to be the problem here, i used the tune-up plug in, and my problem is still there, i only get blank page after submitting post.php on FF

  9. Hay, nice site. Ive been lurking on your blog for quite some time and just wanted to say you do a really great job. I love your blog and just wanted to take the time to comment and tell you how much I love your blog.

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