Fluency Admin: The Best WordPress 2.5 Plugin

Given that WordPress has only been out for a few days, let me tell you about the spiffiest little plugin that has since graced the community. For anyone suddenly not used to the new admin interface that WordPress has come up with, the Fluency Admin plugin is easily one of the best admin makeovers since Steve Smith’s Tiger Admin plugin. Not surprising anyway since Fluency was inspired from the Tiger Admin.

Fluency Admin Interface

Conceived way back when WordPress was in beta, I’m glad to say that this latest version does come close to being perfect seeing that it also supports Ozh’s Admin Drop Down Menu making the whole admin interface slick as it is pretty.

While it does mention that it has some aesthetic incompatibilities with some other admin plugins and can only be used on WordPress 2.5, I don’t think that poses much of a problem at all. As long as it doesn’t break the site, this is pretty much the best plugin I have seen to date so far and I have used quite a lot of plugins especially on this blog.

So if you’re looking for something a little different on your brand new WordPress 2.5 interface. It’s worth trying this out. Blogging is going to feel even better when you writing it down on something that flatters you much like this plugin.

Note: The screenshot displays the Fluency Admin with Ozh’s Admin Drop Down Menu and MyDashboard plugins

4 thoughts on “Fluency Admin: The Best WordPress 2.5 Plugin

  1. Thanks for the heads up on this, Edrei. Definitely going to give it a spin this evening to see which I prefer, it or the 2.5 default look.

  2. Naoko: A plugin worth trying to upgrade for. 🙂

    Cléa: One I know you’d appreciate at artistic value.

    Josh: Try it with the Admin Drop Down plugin. It’s worth a go to also make things simpler. 🙂

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